After tireless years of writing about horror, without bent, for online publications like Horror Society and Racks and Razors, I found myself being inspired anew, a couple of years ago, by the passionate and highly original voices of fright loving women such as Hannah Neurotica (Women in Horror Month), Kristy Jett(Horror Hound), Reyna Young and so many others. They seemed to be the most interesting, truly dedicated proponants of scare and they emboldened me – hence Big Gay Fan was born. (And now it seems “the gays” are popping up, everywhere, from horror conventions to zombie walks to film festivals!)

While there is queer (and political) content here, to be sure, for the most part I’ve found that I am the “Gay” in Big Gay Horror Fan and I simply write about what interests me – whether that is the truly awesome, totally incorrect independent horror productions of Mike O’Mahoney and his Maniac Films or the amazing lives of the Broadway queens and classic movie divas(a favorite subject) like Georgia Brown, Tammy Grimes, Lana Turner, Vivian Blaine and Gloria DeHaven – to name just a few – whom have appeared in multiple fright flicks.

I’ll, also, share video interviews I’ve done with horror folk of all walks, reports from the films (like Larry Cohen’s Delusion and the Investigation Discovery show, Double Cross ) that I’ve worked on, links to my ‘legitimate’ writing for sites like Fangoria (http://www.fangoria.com/index.php/moviestv/fearful-features/7386-anne-bobby-still-among-the-nightbreed)and news about other projects I’m working on.

Thanks for ‘spooking’ me out and be sure to ‘friend’ my Facebook Page, as well @ https://www.facebook.com/biggayhorrorfan!

SWEET love and pink GRUE — Big Gay Horror Fan!

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  • Hey man i liked your blog a lot, i am just wondering if you think there is a market for gay horror because in my experience most gay guys prefer comedies, and also gay guys who love horror don’t mind if it’s gay or straight? Is there space for gay horror to ever succeed?

      • Gabriel – I have to admit most of the ‘gay’ horror films I’ve seen have been pretty bad. (Even the ones I enjoy, I find I often like despite – or because of – their awfulness.) I think anytime a film is made for a certain audience, it has a tendency to be lacking. I think it’s important to just make films. I, personally, would just love to see more gay characters in mainstream (and independent) horror. Characters who are just part of the action but their sexuality is not the main focus or reason for the picture to exist. A new indie horror called Everyone Must Die! handles this pretty well. Its got good energy, a clear purpose and the queer characters are just people in the plot. It does suffer from the common problems that plague incredibly low budgets (IE: performers who are clearly not accomplished actors in some major roles) – but it does get many important things right. I, also, must confess that I have always felt a bit out of step with what the traditional gay community wants. Therefore, I may not be the best person to judge whether a series of gay horror flicks would succeed or not. For the most part, though, it is certainly not what I am looking for in a fright flick. I just want it to be good.

  • Nice blog. Friendly and informative as well as amusing. My fave “horror” film is “The Old Dark House” directed by the late famous gay director James Whale. Among the cast is a campy turn by one of my favorite actors Ernest Thesiger. “Have a POTATO!”

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