Mark of Cain: Post Impact

Published February 8, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Whenever Big Gay Horror Fan is faced with unrepentant gasps of fire, dangerous space aliens, hostage taking malcontents or biological creatures gone mad, he thinks one thing – if only Dean Cain was here!

Yes, after his star making turn as Superman and his mild reporter alter-ego in Lois and Clark (1993-1997), Cain has appeared in countless low budget genre flicks, generally as the well regarded hero. So, as our political, financial and social climates continue on their crazy states of flux, there seems no better time to celebrate the man, the hope, the product of a breathless nation – the mark of Cain!

PostImpact59In 2004’s coldly CGI ridden Post Impact, Cain plays military hard gun Tom Parker. Stationed in Berlin with his wife and young daughter, Parker/Cain is forced to leave them behind by a violently by-the-book superior when an out of control comet threatens the earth’s safety.

Years later, the planet is apocalyptically stressed while Parker/Cain crosses frozen tundra after frozen tundra, along with his faithful mutt, trying to get back to his family. A surprising attack, originating from what was formerly Germany, on a governmental plane gets our hero back into the game – under his hated former employer, of course.PostImpact142

Soon enough, Cain/Parker is showering (with butt discretely hidden) with a sexy fellow officer, getting shot out of the sky, discovering an underground European village of survivalists and uncovering conspirators and plot twists aplenty. Along the way he develops feelings for the comely daughter/scientist of the man who could bring the world back to its former glory and for a young girl found surviving by ingenuity and wits in what was once Berlin. Who says a cheap Sci-Fi, apocalyptic horror epic can’t have family values?

You can check out a bit of Post Impact and its interesting mix of CGI, miniatures and real locales in the trailer, here:

Then be sure to check back often for more Mark of Cain, as well.

Big Gay Horror Fan, meanwhile, is always worshipping actors of superhumanly bad films at!/BigGayHorrorFan!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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