Mark of Cain: Maneater (2009)

Published July 13, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Every morning, Big Gay Horror Fan must look into his cracked mirror and face the many demons that haunt him. Of course, the sounds that emerge from that confrontation are ear shatteringly monstrous, but face them he must!

Similarly, Dean Cain must look into the treacherous past of his character, Sheriff Harry Bailey, in 2009’s forest monster on the loose epic Maneater.

With a mysteriously disappearing wife and a tendency to over-protect his normally inquisitive teenage daughter, Cain/Bailey is even seemingly a suspect in the horrific deaths that are occurring on his watch. The delusion that his obviously dead wife is due to return any moment also makes everyone doubt his grasp on reality, as well.

Featuring several effective stalk n slash sequences, Maneater is best served by the appearances of such veteran character actors as Conrad Janis (Mork and Mindy, The Cable Guy) and Christopher Darga (Scary or Die, Crazy Stupid Love), who is particularly fine as an emotionally tortured local soul.

maneater2Granted, with its grainy, shadow ridden texture, the film does belie its budget – IE: it looks very cheaply made – and while plenty of the nubile wenches whom grace this woodsy (yet bloodied) landscape often doff their tops, there is not a male buttock in sight.

More than anything, much like 2004’s Lost, wherein he received fine notices as a beleaguered businessman, Maneater seems to primarily fit in with Cain’s (who, also, served as a producer here) bid to stretch himself as a performer.

Next up on Mark of Cain: 2006’s Dead and Deader!

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