Music To Make Horror Movies By: Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, “He’s A Dancer”

Published September 2, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

“By the day, he’s Dr. Jekyll –
By the night, he’s Mr. Hyde.
Get him on the dance floor,
He can not be denied!”- He’s A Dancer

As a kid one of my biggest disappointments occurred when I discovered that KC was not rhapsodizing about being a monster when he sang “I’m Your Boogeyman” with the Sunshine Band.

Therefore, it was a small restitution (but a restitution, nonetheless) when Teen Beat siblings Kristy and Jimmy McNichol sang about everyone’s monstrously favorite bi-polar duo in their semi-hit, He’s A Dancer.

Granted, the thought of this chirpy pair of celebs singing at all may throw fear into the hearts of even the most hardened horror lovers. But, the McNichol’s do have a terror pedigree, of sorts. Kristy appeared in such genre draped offerings as 1982’s White Dog (maverick Samuel Fuller’s biting, canine look at racism), 1986’s Dream Lover and 1989’s The Forgotten One.Dream_lover_1986

Jimmy, meanwhile, essayed the title role in cult slasher favorite Night Warning (AKA Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker). This late 70’s lensed, early 80’s released epic is full of hag horror gesturing (via Susan Tyrell’s demented lead performance), social activism (due to a psychotically hate filled police detective played by Bo Svenson) and a surprisingly pro gay attitude. Oh, and blood – lots and lots of blood!

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Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan – AKA –!

2 comments on “Music To Make Horror Movies By: Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, “He’s A Dancer”

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dream Lover, but I LOVE the poster art, so cool!

    I never, ever hear people talk about Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker, and it was such a fun film, really bizarre and interesting. I was actually slightly mortified to see it in the theater with my mom (!) and I didn’t realize it even had TV stars in it. (I was a pretty hard core nerd child, and had no clue about current pop culture) but was more focused on the aspects you mentioned, the interesting social content, and I was not at that age ready to be comfortable in a discussion about progressive issues in horror with my mom. It was awkward, and we ended up talking more about the kill scenes, one of which, if I’m remembering it right, went on for sort of a long time with weirdly sexualized stabbing. Of course now it seems so wacky that it was easier to talk about thrust-y stabbing and how cops are psychopathic with hate than about a film being pro-gay. “It had a cool attitude” was about as sophisticated as the conversation got there. Ha!

    I guess I need to go thank my mom for being pro-awesome, way before it was generally considered acceptable.

    LOL about the KC! I had that same disappointment about Bogeyman “oh, he’s talking about dancing.” 😦
    I was even more disappointed to realize Sly & the Family Stone were singing “It’s a Family Affair” rather than about a Family of Bear. So soon after being told Jimmy Hendrix was not excusing himself to kiss “this guy” too, that pretty much killed my interest in pop music for a decade. Or until whenever DEVO happened.

    I would nominate White Dog for being in the category of Best Horror Films that get shown on regular broadcast TV, along with The Car, and Halloween 2. They have a kind of intensity that doesn’t have to be edited out for gore. I assumed it (White Dog) would be terrible but ended up liking it.

    • Excuse my while I kiss this guy!! Hilarious!!! Love The Car and H2, as well! Thanks for sharing the story about Night Warning, as well. I had the pleasure to write an essay on the film for an upcoming book, Hidden Horrors 101!

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