Countdown to Carrie: Jennifer Delora, “Deadly Manor”

Published October 8, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

deadly manor

(The Carrie remake will be upon us on October 18th – thus we celebrate the strong women in horror, science fiction and exploitation with Countdown to Carrie!)

A lost opportunity? Plenty of others floating around. A lost love? One gets over that soon enough. But – a lost slasher film?!? Now, there is a reason for heartache!
Thankfully, 1990’s little seen Deadly Manor (AKA Savage Lust) has recently surfaced on DVD. What makes this piece of slice ‘n dice so interesting is the fact that its delusional, knife wielding villain is actually a villainess named Amanda – played with gumption by low budget genre regular Jennifer Delora (Frankenhooker, Deranged, Robot Holocaust).

That this film is directed by Jose Ramon Larraz of Vampyres fame only adds to the film’s allure. Larraz spends just as much time focusing on Amanda’s psychotic angst as his frolicking victims – making one wish that Amanda could have joined Sleepaway Camp‘s Angela as a fellow terror bound sequel queen.

Lust revised
Be sure to check back here often for the haunted women of horror.

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Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan

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