The Backside of Horror: Tim Daly, “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde”

Published November 27, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

…and Hammer begat humor. 1971’s Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde was one of the last great efforts from the original reign of the seminal British horror house, combining classic scientific terror with a twisted sexual undercurrent. One of that film’s grand highlights was the slithery seductive performance of exotic genre goddess Martine Beswicke.

00624 years later, powerhouse performer Sean Young gave another strong take on the female side of Jekyll in 1995’s truly silly Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. After experimenting with his late uncle’s formulas involving estrogen therapy, handsome Tim Daly’s kind Jekyll eventually finds his feminine alter-ego, Young’s Hyde, is significantly more ruthless than he is. While fighting against the threat of total immersion into the powerful Hyde, Daly does show off quite a lot, though.

With director David Price and a bevy of co-screenwriters concentrating on the sexual ambiguity of having a beautiful man turning into a gorgeous woman, Daly spends plenty of time in hot teddies (after accidentally emerging during Young’s hi-jinks) and even appearing, during a crazed revenge attempt, briefly, butt naked! 007

With its strains of homosexual comedy, including a bizarre scenario in which Harvey Fiersten’s very gay perfume maker develops a confused attraction for Young’s Hyde, and female empowerment, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is one of the few mainstream films that focuses on the beauty of the male as much as the female!

Meanwhile, Robert Louis Stevenson rolls over in his grave, one last time!

Happy beefcake and…SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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