Hell of a Gal: Have A Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will Pay

Published December 31, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Helga 1
Hell of a Gal explores the many genre credits of divine Euro princess Helga Liné.

“Why can’t you behave?” – Kiss Me Kate

I guess the excuse that “she’s drawn that way” could apply to the film career of Helga Liné, as well. With her bright red hair and womanly figure, this versatile goddess, who began her career as an acrobat, was often cast as characters that grew in a conflicted light.funeral

Even in goofy 1970 Italian western Have a Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will Pay (now say that 10x, quickly) Line’s Saloon Girl Mary aligns herself with the bad guys. Not required to do much more than spy on Daniela Giordano’s sweet Abigail Benson, Liné is still one of this goofy shoot ‘em up’s brightest presences. She applies a light, almost comic touch to her dealings with both Sartana (an easygoing Gianni Garko) and Benson. Meanwhile, a more sinister bent comes out when Mary deals with her partners, a crooked banker and a cow towed sheriff. More than anything, though, Liné simply looks like she is having a good time, here.

Audiences should, as well. As the hero, Sartana manipulates the wrongdoers with joking finesse. He, also, as the title suggests, pays for the burials of those who wind up on the wrong end of his gun. Throw in a bit of kung-fu action, a few bumbling sidekicks, some amusing (almost motivation-less) twists and a decent, oats-ridden timewaster is to be had.
Helga 2
Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


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