Theater Review: Redletter

Published March 6, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Redletter horiz 2
While definitely not a horror piece, Redletter from (the very gay friendly) The Neo-Futurists does feature a segment which details the terrors of uninformed journalism in the modern age, with prominent attention paid to the numerous incorrect reports in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. In these moments, you can truly feel the dread of creator Lisa Buscani, whom seemingly nurtured this show due to her love of responsible, old school reporting, leaping off of the stage. Lives were destroyed due to false reports and Buscani’s disgust at the unprofessional actions of the press is palpable here.

While this moment is truly one of the show’s most notable, as in all Neo-Futurist productions, the ensemble eventually gathers together to share their personal stories about their own writing careers and how newsworthy events have impacted their lives. Thea Lux’s memories of 9-11 are poignant while Lindsay Muscato bravely shares how her own insecurities have often halted her progress in her creative endeavors. Buscani who leads the whole ensemble, including affable Co-Artistic Director Bilal Dardai, with heartwarming enthusiasm, also, shares happy memories of family gatherings with the morning paper and her early attempts at student journalism.Redletter horiz 1

In a feat of dramatic contrast, the notion of honest, old school reportage is given by a ribbing by the committed ramblings of the truly talented Trevor Dawkins. Dawkins, who, winningly, staged his own action movie in last year’s athletic Haymaker, here morphs into an insane, coke snorting version of his journalist father. Revealing that even in the golden age of television journalism, networks could be bought and sold, Dawkins is a marvel. Whether grooving across stage with perfect Fosse hands or rambunctiously attacking Buscani, Dawkins comes off like the coolest guy in town, perfecting all of the truly awkward and totally delightful energy of every Neo-Futurist production in one performance.

Hmmm…Hey, Trevor, wanna be friends?!?

Redletter runs through March 29th, 2015 at The Neo-Futurariam , 5153 N. Ashland, in Chicago. More information is available at

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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