The Baby Magic’s Rent a Place in Hell

Published February 19, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan

baby magic

Angsty, confrontational and bizarrely fun…no, I am not talking about the group of leather bound lesbian nuns who raised me…but the latest slab of vinyl from Chicago’s favorite art punk band, The Baby Magic!

Fronted by the dynamic Mary Beth Brennan, Rent a Place in Hell not only has a title that belongs in every horror loving music freak’s library, but it is full of propulsive, in your face tunes that simply won’t roll over and play dead when you retire for the night and turn out the lights.

Swirling with a creepy new wave vibe, the title track is, ultimately, an encouraging (if slightly sarcastic) proclamation to follow your dreams despite naysayers and the arduous responsibilities inherent in one’s “meaningless job”. Modern feminist attitudes are happily embraced as numbers such as Don’t Mess With Me and Bad Dog tear apart misogynist attitudes with Brennan’s expert role playing and fierce bite. But, nicely, all of the numbers here, including the aggressive Frank Sinatra and the quirkily poppy Huts, examine societal judgments and restraints with an aim at destroying pedantic thinking and a sheep like acceptance of one’s fate.

Throughout, Brennan is expertly aided by her partners in crime, Patrick Coleman and Santiago Guerrero. Coleman’s guitar and Guerrero’s drums slash, stab and pummel their way through the songs’ often complex and ever changing rhythms with skill and fervent passion, making this 7 song adventure an always stimulating and frequently challenging (in the best way possible) affair.

To purchase Rent a Place in Hell visit:

…and be sure to keep up with The Baby Magic’s frequent shows and music video releases at, as well.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


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