Review: Slay Belles

Published April 16, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan

Slay Belles

I would gladly attend a viewing party hosted by WI filmmaker Joe Trione, but any other kind of festivity… well…I would just have to, respectfully, decline. For Trione’s latest micro-budget epic Slay Belles, a ridiculously fun ‘80s slasher homage, takes place at a Christmas celebration…and almost no one comes out of it breathing!

Utilizing a script by James Wirth and a bevy of his drag performer friends, Trione shows his obvious love for the horror genre, old Joan Crawford melodramas, highlighted by Dear Ruthie’s fabulous appearance as a society mother, and queer nightlife culture here. Plot wise, as expected, a masked killer has escaped and everyone at Janelle’s (a delightfully buoyant Jaymes Mansfield) annual holiday charity event soon finds themselves in all sorts of bloody disarray. As the bodies pile up and those blatant red herrings begin to play strip poker, it is up to the heroine of the piece, played with sassy resolve by Dora Diamond, to get to the bottom of the mass slayings.

Quick paced, unabashedly revenant in its outrageousness and even filled with some tattooed eye candy in the form of Dylan Cherek’s festive decorator, this jolly enterprise will be making its debut on May 7th in Milwaukee, WI – The film will also be shown at Milwaukee Pridefest:

So, until the next time, hum a little holiday tune…and SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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