Of Buying Meat, and What Plastic Does, and Trying to Make Do

Published March 15, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

Wonderful ideas here from my wonderful Aunt Pam! #environment #plastics #life health #community

Catching My Drift

By the end of the day on Sunday,
I was discouraged. This was my weekend to shop for meat.

On Saturday, we went to the
indoor farmers’ market at Weasel Boys, a craft brewery in my town. Weasel Boys is
in a bank of long, low brick buildings, which clever, creative people have
rescued from industrial abandonment. The buildings have become condos and restaurants,
a repurposing shop, and, of course, Weasel Boys, which offers pizza and music
and trivia nights in addition to well-crafted beer.

And on Saturdays now, they offer
their spacious indoor setting as a place for local farmers and vendors to meet
the public.

This week, we didn’t buy much. I
was interested to meet some local coffee roasters who, sadly, do not roast decaf.
But I think my coffee’s sorted anyway.

I did, though, buy a beef soup
bone from Jessica at Hope Farms, even though…

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