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Dead, and Must Travel

Published October 24, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan


Packing just the right amount, hustling your bootie through public transportation options and then arriving at the airport (just to, essentially, begin every step over again) is hard enough when you are breathing at full capacity – let alone when you are oxygen deprived.

That means the title character of director/writer Tony Báez Milán’s (Edgar Allen Poe’s Requiem for the Damned, Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis) new novel Dead, Must Travel has it doubly hard!

Centering around a reluctant Puerto Rican zombie, Milán’s novel seems to be adding some differences to a (by now) run of the mill scenario by concentrating on discrimination and self-loathing.

You can check it out at:

Milán’s official site, meanwhile, is

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