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(Bad) CGI Fridays: Manticore (2005)

Published May 16, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

manticore dvd
“I’ve been through 2 teenagers, 3 wars and 4 divorces! I think I can handle myself!” – Ashley Pierce (Chase Masterson), Manticore

manticore attackWhile my frantic obsessions have allowed me to conjure a neurosis or two – I have nothing on the war scarred, power hungry Iraqi that summons up the toothy, winged Manticore in the 2005 SyFy Original of the same name. This hopping, bopping gargoyle looking creature is a cheesy CGI delight.manticore face

A group of American soldiers (led by genre regulars Robert Beltran and Jeff Fahey), though, find little funny about this rocky beast who rips after their brothers-in-arms in vicious ways. And while the gory aftermath of the attacks are often quietly gruesome, the creature’s movements, themselves, often have the amusing hue of computer graphics.

Arms and (what's left of the man!)

Arms and (what’s left of the man!)

But how one can not love a movie that allows The Blair Witch Project‘s Heather Donahue, as an aggressive yet kind military grunt, and Deep Space Nine‘s voluptuous Chase Masterson, as a trouble making, take no shit reporter, to go toe-to-toe is beyond me!

manticore eyesColor this one sandy, tail thrusting fun!

Until the next time…SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan

Charming Chase proves BGHF is NOT Manticore Scary!

Charming Chase proves BGHF is NOT Manticore Scary!


Review: growgirl

Published December 19, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Sometimes the only way to get through the daily battle between that heinous cackling wizard of fate and that vengeful witch of emotional destruction is to put your head down and just barrel through it.

Actress/author/all-around-adventuress Heather Donahue pretty much does just that as, sharply, described in her illuminating memoir growgirl. Donahue, whose terror stained credits include such fun, cheesy efforts as Manticore and The Morgue, of course, is best known for her incisive work in The Blair Witch Project. Here, though, she describes her efforts to create a life for herself after her career in Hollywood stops holding any fruitful fascination for her.

Gamely facing the terrors of the Manticore!

Gamely facing the terrors of the Manticore!

The answer to her quest is probably a bit less typical than you might imagine. Retiring to a small West Coast community, Donahue begins a career farming medical marijuana. With self deprecation and tart humor, she describes her year-long adventure in a seemingly harmonious community that, ultimately, has as many double standards as any societal unit.

Winningly, Donahue is as tough on herself as any of the people she encounters on her journey. From physical comedy to self aware acknowledgements of her propensity to bang when knocking softly would suffice, she writes with humbling candor. Her on-the-target observations about the community’s inability to escape from basic patriarchal grandstanding are leavened with detailed descriptions of those masculine elders’ honest heartaches and profound commitments, as well.

Best of all, for those who aware of their own uncertain stumbling through life, Donahue’s narration provides plenty of relatability. But, we can only hope that our experiences contain half of the honest, poetic beauty that Donahue describes so potently in growgirl.

PS: For dog lovers, Donahue’s loving descriptions of her bounding pup, Vito, make him one of the most fascinating literary characters in recent years.

You can purchase growgirl at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/k434ttr and you can keep up-to-date with Donahue at http://www.heatherdonahue.com, as well.

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