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She Walks in Shadows

Published May 16, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

she walks in shadows
In 1985, Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin already knew sisters were doing it for themselves. Now, two new volumes of Lovecraftian inspired fiction will definitely make this truth a very squishy reality.

Innsmouth Free Press, run by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Dark Regions Press, in collaboration with editor Lynne Jamneck, both have announced anthologies of fiction, influenced by HP Lovecraft, composed entirely by female writers.

Innsmouth’s She Walks in Shadows (pictured above) is scheduled for a 2015 fall release while Dark Regions’ Dreams from the Witch House is promising a year end release.

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Review: Glitterwolf – Halloween Special Edition

Published January 27, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Multiple voices are not so good when your various personalities start fighting over what to have for dessert. But, in the case of Glitterwolf’s Halloween Special Edition, edited by Matt Cresswell, multiple voices are, indeed, all welcome as they give us a truly splendid variety of chills and thrills.

Packaged between the hauntingly unique photography of Jason Grim, this collection contains a number of intriguing poems, highlighted by Kat Soini’s simple yet immensely potent offerings, Overture and Corpus Delicti. The meat of the volume, though, is contained within its very individualized short stories.

While Carlton D. Fisher’s chewy Another Night at the Reiko gives us a fervently sexual take on zombies and bar culture, Lou Dellaguzzo’s intriguing Night of the Bogie Men explores the real life horrors of gay night life in the Stonewall era. Steve Berman’s fine Passion, Like A Voice – That Buds, also, details the more personally horrific with a look at viruses and the human body through a beguiling sexual lens.

Meanwhile, if Lovecraft is more your ideal, then Evan J. Peterson’s emotionally and physically graphic A Different Seed should fill you up with gooey strands of pleasure. Young Inside, by Patrick Pink, also, ups the psychological quotient with a well inked possession style tale with a distinctly unsettling vibe.

Nicely, even some of the weaker tales contain some finely layered characterization and sophisticated ideas. Amy Sheperd’s nicely calibrated Haunted may the best of the bunch, though. A tender story of ghosts and letting go of the past, Sheperd creates characters and situations that almost anyone can relate to.

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