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Va-Va-Villainess: Jeanette Nolan

Published February 6, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

Jeanette Nolan Big Heat

Very few performers have been able to achieve the cold, lascivious evil that Jeanette Nolan is able to generate in the classic 1953 noir The Big Heat. As Bertha Duncan, the conniving wife of a corrupt police official, this distinguished performer uses steely silence and manipulative tears to ensure her character’s chance at a life of wealth and opulence. An unmoving witness to suicide and murder, Duncan is ultimately one of the iciest dames ever to be featured in dark crime cinema, a testament to Nolan’s sophisticated skills. Jeanette Nolan Big Heat 2

Not surprisingly, Nolan’s first major onscreen role was Lady Macbeth in Orson Welles’ adaptation of the classic Shakespearean piece Macbeth. Her work in The Big Heat, though subtle, definitely carries shades of the poetically operatic, earning herself the distinction of being one of the finest actresses who has ever committed herself to the celluloid art form.

Horror Hall of Fame:

Nolan’s long lasting career included many genre credits. She brought a vibrant glow to 1966’s Chamber of Horrors and a similar spark along with a parade of outrageous hair pieces to 1965’s My Blood Runs Cold (pictured). She added a bit more serious contemplation to such television anthology series as The Twilight Zone, Thriller and Circle of Fear, as well.

Jeanette Nolan My Blood

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Joey Heatherton

Published July 26, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Like wisps of cotton candy brought to vibrant life, 60s starlet Joey Heatherton looks almost edible in the teen thriller My Blood Runs Cold. Her lusciousness here is underscored by her credible sauciness as a spoiled heiress – and the sexy vocal chills she provides with the song (of the same title) that she recorded to cash in on the film’s hoped for success.

Heatherton, who, also, faced down the murderous wraith of Richard Burton in 1972’s Bluebeard, adds an appropriate sense of fear to the girl group atmosphere on this enjoyable number, one that isn’t actually featured on the film’s soundtrack, itself.

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