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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Sofia Shinas

Published February 23, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

Sofia Shinas Crow

Best known for beautifully essaying the doomed love between her Shelly and Brandon Lee’s icon Eric Draven in The Crow, Sofia Shinas also added her unique mystique to such genre projects as The Outer Limits reboot and the sexually charged horror anthology series The Hunger.

Nicely, her talents extended into the world of pop artistry. Her fun debut recording produced its share of perky, love charged anthems including the earworm worthy One Last Kiss.

Fortunately, Shinas is still providing tuneful energy for music lovers and genre enthusiasts worldwide at

Sofia One Last Kiss

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Book Review: Melody Burning

Published July 30, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan


Just like the kid who wolfs down 5 corn dogs and then gets on the parking lot fair’s Tilt-a-Whirl, you have to let a lot go to buy into Whitley Strieber’s first young adult novel Melody Burning. But suspension of disbelief here, ultimately, results in a fun, quick read with a number of surprises and some fairly shocking charms.

Teen pop star/television actress Melody Mc Grath moves into the elite Beresford apartment building with her controlling manager-mother. Melody soon discovers, Phantom of the Opera style, the Beresford is home to a hunky teen boy who has grown up among its elevator shafts and secret passageways. As the two fall in love, the building’s murderously corrupt owner plots to incinerate it, hence the novel’s wonderfully sparky title.

Strieber (Wolfen, The Hunger) gets down the intense nature of control and rigidity that most younger people are exposed to when nailing down a show business career – making us sympathize greatly with Melody and her fate, both emotionally and physically. He, also, doesn’t candy coat the worlds of syndicate crime or the juvenile court system, most extremely highlighted by a sequence implying the reality of homosexual rape in group lockdown.

All the truthful harshness, though, is definitely leavened by the almost fairy tale nature of the two leads’ courtship and the radical change in thinking of Melody’s guardian by the tale’s explosive end.

You can keep up with Strieber’s adventures (literary and otherwise) at

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Sky Ferreira, “You’re Not the One”

Published January 26, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Sometimes, you just can’t fight the hunger. I know I can’t fight it every time (I’ve skipped breakfast and) pass a Dunkin Donuts!

Others, like girl-of-the-moment Sky Ferreira, have a better way to deal with The Hunger: they take inspiration from it!

Yes, Ferreira’s moody 80’s inspired video for the catchy You’re Not the One pays definitive homage to Ridley Scott’s Sapphic vampire drama – and audio connoisseurs are all the better for it!

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