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A Nightmare of Events in Chicago!

Published October 11, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan


“Don’t go to sleep!” How well I remember the bloodied horny goat who pounced on my chest while chanting that! Or is it just a flashback from all those 3 a.m. viewings of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series? H-m-m…

Whatever the case may be — two of the Nightmare family will be gracing Chicago-land with their bloodily awesome presences this weekend.


Mark Patton from A Nightmare on Elm St 2: Freddy’s Revenge will be appearing at The Movieside Massacre, a 24 horror movie event, for a presentation of the film that shows off his eclectic acting skills, the power of naked screaming and so much more. Speaking of shrieking (in delight, that is), I will be interviewing Patton after the screening! Yahoo!

Here are the details for that event:


Meanwhile, Lezlie Deane, that amazingly kick-ass personality from Freddy’s Dead will be rocking the Underground Lounge in Chicago with her glitter punk band Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs. Deane kicks it like a overpowering goddess on stage – so this is one show not to miss! (Doors open at 8.)

Details for this raging musical extravaganza are here:

Hope to see you at one (or both events) and /or visiting me at!


Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE!