Review: The Vampire’s Witch

Published August 13, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Imagine!! I made a grand discovery about myself while reading Damian Serbu’s richly romantic The Vampire’s Witch. If I ever write a gay horror novel, the title character will be a bike messenger sporting skinned knees and a tattoo of Iggy Pop’s penis on his chest. He’ll follow around a group of feminist punk rockers, led by a snarling Lynn Breedlove type, who would double as supernatural assassins during their off hours.

So, ultimately, I am probably not the best one to judge Serbu’s latest entry into the mythic worlds of the very attractive undead. For The Vampire’s Witch ‘s plotline revolves around a Mika loving, history worshipping twink, propelled into the world of several impossibly beautiful (occasionally murderous) male vampires.

Yet, despite this fact, I gleaned plenty of (heavily panting) enjoyment from Serbu’s very lush world of nocturnal sex and deeply felt otherworldly connections.

After an attack is made upon his life, young witch Jaret Bachmann finds himself drawn into the life of his mysterious and very handsome savior, Anthony. Even the discovery that Anthony is a vampire doesn’t repel Jaret, who is used to the ways of the mysterious magical, and he soon bonds with Anthony and his fellow Vampire Council members. Of course, Jaret and Anthony soon fall in love. Anthony, though, is concerned about converting someone with Jaret’s mystical powers. Even the reassurances of his century old companions do nothing to reassure him and when Jaret needs him most (due to an obsessive ex-boyfriend and the release of a vengeful ghost); Anthony is nowhere to be found.

Importantly, Serbu grants easy access into the world of his characters. The Vampire’s Witch is not only the sequel to his novel Secrets in the Attic but also the latest effort in his popular series called The Vampire’s Angel. But, one need not read any of these previous works to gain full entrance into the goings-on here, a noble feat. Serbu, also, obviously loves his characters and that shows. Even supporting characters like the jolly Brady, Jaret’s best friend, and Darth, Jaret’s beloved dog, emerge with joy and vigor.

Granted, vigilant horror fans will be disappointed that much of the novel’s bloodshed occurs off-page. Still, those who admire the Twilight universe and the work of Anne Rice will rejoice in that fact that Serbu has created a very sexual, totally gay adventure here.

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