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Book Review: Testament

Published April 2, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan


At the midway point of Testament, queer horror writer Jose Nateras’ debut novel, the protagonist is speaking with an experienced LGBTQIA historian about the gothic happenings that are occurring in his life. As I read, I began remembering all the amazing journalistic mentors I’ve had in my career – Ralph P. Gernhardt, co-founder of Gay Chicago Magazine…Louis Weisberg and Larry Bommer of Chicago Free Press, all leaders in queer publishing and community reporting. The ability to have this personal connection to a piece of literature is ultimately why Nateras’ book is so important. It is so rare to have a complicated, sympathetic gay narrator as our guide throughout a genuine work of terror fiction.

The narrator in question here is Gabe Espinosa, an emotionally devastated Latinx man. Still recovering from a hasty suicide attempt due to romantic misadventure, he soon finds himself the target of an entity that seemingly wants to destroy him not only for his sexuality, but for his racial background, as well. This plot point is another of the significant pleasures of this quick moving 195 page tome. Nateras imbues Gabe with many of the concerns and conflicts facing minorities residing in an already marginalized culture. Fetishism, invisibility and lack of status and opportunity are all explored here with taut emotion and sensitive reasoning.

Nicely, there are magnified scenes of shock and intrigue here, as well. A frenzied mob attack on the CTA in Chicago is almost heart stopping in intensity while the film’s penultimate encounter is also viciously rendered. In fact, one almost wishes Nateras had utilized more descriptiveness in closing out these supernatural details. A longer climax may have actually benefited this already exciting and relatable story, allowing readers to truly grasp the combative nature that Gabe must employ to fight back against what is haunting him.

The fact that Nateras writes such compelling characters also comes in to play here, as well. It is easy to fall in love with Gabe and his friends, especially his ne’er do well, bisexual roommate Bryan, and to have had the pleasure of their company for a moment or two longer would have truly been a gift. Thus, Nateras should be proud of this spooky, culturally valuable work and I can’t wait to read his next efforts in genre writing.

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


Music to Make Horror Movies By: Man Meat

Published August 12, 2018 by biggayhorrorfan


ZB photo.jpg

The one thing that has always struck me as both unique and heartbreaking about the theatrical performance is its impermanence. Once it is done, it’s done and if you weren’t there, it isn’t even a vaporous speck in your consciousness. Of course occasionally, whether in rehearsal or secretively done during a performance, footage can be recorded for posterity.

Such is the case with Zombie Bathhouse: A Rock Musical. I wrote the book for this show that premiered during the Halloween season in Chicago last fall. Along with the ghastly limb chewing action and romance – (Yes, romance. This was a musical, after all.) – that occurred onstage; some ghostly presence got some recorded evidence of the show. Now we have a super cool music video of one of composer-lyricist Scott Free’s most aggressive numbers, Man Meat.

Nicely, this leaves an imprint for both the work of director Dan Foss and one of the show’s inspirations, Joey Kissling. Foss, who was suffering from kidney and heart disease, died nine days after the close of the show. His imaginativeness helped flesh out the show’s structure and his love for the cast allowed everyone to overcome the emotional hurdles involved with mounting a larger production with ease.  Kissling, meanwhile, provided the spiritual outline for Michael, the show’s conflicted and defiant lead. Kissling succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer in the spring of 2016 and Michael was created in his honor. Now, thanks to the existence of this video, they both have a more permanent and much deserved legacy.

Dan ZB.jpg

Dan Foss directing the ZB cast.

For those interested in the production itself, please feel free to visit

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A Splatter of Lavender

Published November 18, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan


If you’ve got some color, use it exuberantly! That’s exactly what new web presence A Splatter of Lavender is doing.

splatter of lavender 3Here, founder Samuel Glass, Jr. explores the queer side of horror by highlighting such directors as Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly and performers like Joe Zaso. He, also, offers up provocative opinion pieces and focuses on up and coming horror hunks. It’s fun!
splatter of lavender
Give it a look at

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Gay Shit in Horror: Martin Nunez in 2012’s Maniac!

Published October 29, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

martin #1
I would do anything for my neighbor, that eternally howling, dyslexic Barbie loving werewolf. It’s that gay sensitivity thing, I think.

The character of Martin Nunez, perfectly played by model-actor Joshua De La Garza, in the 2012 Maniac remake obviously feels the same way. When his friend and building mate Anna (Nora Arnezeder) is attacked by Elijah Wood’s skeevily anxious Frank, Nunez rises to the challenge, mightily.

martinswingBursting into his compatriot’s apartment, Garza/Nunez battles Frank to ensure her safety. Even after being grievously wounded, this loyal fellow comes back at Frank, determined to save the day.

That is some kick-ass faggotry and exactly the kind of queer character that horror cinema, as a whole, needs more of!

Now, THAT's what I call a PRETTY smile!

Now, THAT’s what I call a PRETTY smile!

You can check out Joshua’s Model Mayhem profile at

and the (International) Maniac trailer, here:

Wishing you a gloriously gay Halloween week – Big Gay Horror Fan!

Review: The Vampire’s Witch

Published August 13, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Imagine!! I made a grand discovery about myself while reading Damian Serbu’s richly romantic The Vampire’s Witch. If I ever write a gay horror novel, the title character will be a bike messenger sporting skinned knees and a tattoo of Iggy Pop’s penis on his chest. He’ll follow around a group of feminist punk rockers, led by a snarling Lynn Breedlove type, who would double as supernatural assassins during their off hours.

So, ultimately, I am probably not the best one to judge Serbu’s latest entry into the mythic worlds of the very attractive undead. For The Vampire’s Witch ‘s plotline revolves around a Mika loving, history worshipping twink, propelled into the world of several impossibly beautiful (occasionally murderous) male vampires.

Yet, despite this fact, I gleaned plenty of (heavily panting) enjoyment from Serbu’s very lush world of nocturnal sex and deeply felt otherworldly connections.

After an attack is made upon his life, young witch Jaret Bachmann finds himself drawn into the life of his mysterious and very handsome savior, Anthony. Even the discovery that Anthony is a vampire doesn’t repel Jaret, who is used to the ways of the mysterious magical, and he soon bonds with Anthony and his fellow Vampire Council members. Of course, Jaret and Anthony soon fall in love. Anthony, though, is concerned about converting someone with Jaret’s mystical powers. Even the reassurances of his century old companions do nothing to reassure him and when Jaret needs him most (due to an obsessive ex-boyfriend and the release of a vengeful ghost); Anthony is nowhere to be found.

Importantly, Serbu grants easy access into the world of his characters. The Vampire’s Witch is not only the sequel to his novel Secrets in the Attic but also the latest effort in his popular series called The Vampire’s Angel. But, one need not read any of these previous works to gain full entrance into the goings-on here, a noble feat. Serbu, also, obviously loves his characters and that shows. Even supporting characters like the jolly Brady, Jaret’s best friend, and Darth, Jaret’s beloved dog, emerge with joy and vigor.

Granted, vigilant horror fans will be disappointed that much of the novel’s bloodshed occurs off-page. Still, those who admire the Twilight universe and the work of Anne Rice will rejoice in that fact that Serbu has created a very sexual, totally gay adventure here.

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