Gay Shit in Horror: Martin Nunez in 2012’s Maniac!

Published October 29, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

martin #1
I would do anything for my neighbor, that eternally howling, dyslexic Barbie loving werewolf. It’s that gay sensitivity thing, I think.

The character of Martin Nunez, perfectly played by model-actor Joshua De La Garza, in the 2012 Maniac remake obviously feels the same way. When his friend and building mate Anna (Nora Arnezeder) is attacked by Elijah Wood’s skeevily anxious Frank, Nunez rises to the challenge, mightily.

martinswingBursting into his compatriot’s apartment, Garza/Nunez battles Frank to ensure her safety. Even after being grievously wounded, this loyal fellow comes back at Frank, determined to save the day.

That is some kick-ass faggotry and exactly the kind of queer character that horror cinema, as a whole, needs more of!

Now, THAT's what I call a PRETTY smile!

Now, THAT’s what I call a PRETTY smile!

You can check out Joshua’s Model Mayhem profile at

and the (International) Maniac trailer, here:

Wishing you a gloriously gay Halloween week – Big Gay Horror Fan!

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