Review: Drinking Games

Published August 24, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Sometimes things just take a turn for the worse. Like the baby zombie I saw on the street corner the other day. He was trying so hard to stay in control (it almost made me cry) – but finally, he just broke down, hopped out of his strangely silent mother’s arms and attacked the crossing guard. (Well, she was blowing that whistle pretty loudly.)

Similarly (yet not), in the fine thriller Drinking Games, released on DVD by Believe Limited on August 20th, a night of partying in a (fairly) deserted dorm leads to violence and emotional tragedy.

All Richard wants to do is finish up a term paper and deal with some emotional fallout. But his former best friend and dorm mate, Shawn, has fallen under the sway of a manipulative, party hungry upperclassman named Noopie. What starts out as a few drinks and some minor annoyances, though, soon turns into savagery, both of the emotional and physical variety, as the drug addled Noopie descends into criminal behavior.

Screenwriter Blake Merriman and director Ryan Gielen work with a slow build here, believably laying out how various tensions and odd encounters can boil over into dangerous territory. This is helped, implicitly, by some fine performances.

rob2As Richard, Merriman brings believable frustration and angst to the situation. He and Nick Vergara, nicely, capture the lost spaces that occur between two people that are growing apart at a rapid pace. Most importantly, though, Rob Bradford as Noopie seals the deal, here. Sexy and charismatic as he is twisted, Bradford truly makes you understand how someone could fall under Noopie’s sway. It is a fun, on target performance that never goes over-the-top.

As sugar on the cake, Adriana DeGirolami provides a saucy, completely enjoyable turn as a drunken college girl who winds up on the wrong side of Noopie’s seduction techniques.

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