Music to Make Horror Movies By: Anthony Perkins, “On a Rainy Afternoon”

Published November 17, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Anthony Perkins On a Rainy Afternoon
Chocolate syrup on your hot dog, that three-way with the kleptomaniac butcher and the serial killer (whom doubled as a mid-wife for zoo wolves)…these are things that you just don’t want to try a second time.

Well, that is the way horror treasure Anthony Perkins should have felt after his 1958 full length album On a Rainy Afternoon. Me, sing? Never again!!! Unless it’s as a maniacally obsessed preacher under the direction of Ken Russell, that is. (1984’s Crimes of Passion, yo!)

Recorded in 1958, two years before his life was irrevocably linked with Psycho and Norman Bates, On a Rainy Afternoon finds Perkins warbling on such well established tunes like Miss Otis Regrets, I Remember You and Why Was I Born? Unlike many film stars, who choose to back their meek musical stylings with lush, full blown orchestral arrangements, our honorable Anthony wisely places himself in front of a nimble, fully realized jazz sextet here.

Unfortunately, producer Fred Reynolds allows Perkins to strain, often, for notes his pleasant yet weak voice simply cannot reach. Modern listeners, as well, will find it hard to divorce themselves from the fact that this is everyone’s favorite Hitchockian psychopath gamely syncopating on the tunes of Cole Porter, Lorenz Hart and Jerome Kern. Perkins’ tone is that distinctive.


Ah, well. (A voice only a mother could love, I guess.)

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan

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