Book Review: A Warning in Blood

Published January 31, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

a warning in blood
I trip. I fall. I land someplace new!

Thankfully, others have a more elegant way of arriving at interesting destinations. Take Dru Lorand, the title character in author Joseph R.G. DeMarco’s new vampire detective series A Warning in Blood. Lorand can manifest into traveling mist or transform into an elegant falcon to get around.

And Lorand does get around here. An investigation into an outbreak of uncontrollable vampire children takes him from the lofts and underground lairs of Philadelphia to a mountainous monastery retreat outside of Prague. In his travels, he eventually discovers that an all consuming, age old presence is fighting to take form and destroy the world’s order. And lots of hot men…he discovers those, too, of course!

Granted, like most homosexual fantasy fiction, DeMarco’s male characters are all marked by exquisite beauty. His skills as a writer, though, allow him to nicely differentiate them, as well. Thus we get a nice feel for everyone from the meek and confused (human puppet) Grant to the willfully destructive, mind altering vampire lieutenant Scylax.

DeMarco, also, sets up a nice mythology and his supporting characters, including a helpful gargoyle name Pyro, are inventive and fun. DeMarco doesn’t shy away from exploding body parts or the vicious nature of the creatures that he has created; giving true horror buffs something to latch onto, as well.

The major complaint with this piece just might be that it is an obvious set-up for a series of books and the cliffhanger ending may come too abruptly for some.

A Warning in Blood is published by Lethe Press – –and is available for purchase at Amazon – – as well!

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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