(Bad) CGI Fridays: Super Hybrid (2010)

Published April 4, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

super hybrid 3

“You’re heading for a red light
Hot night, bad fight, dynamite
Red light, hot night
Bad fight, dynamite…” – Red Light, as sung by Linda Clifford

While the alien life form that disguises itself as various, swiftly moving vehicles in so-corny-it’s-fun 2010 epic Super Hybrid sees its victims in a reddish glaze…
super hybrid
…the creature, itself, definitely manifests in a very slithery, toothy CGI wave.
super hybrid 2
Based in Chicago (but obviously filmed in Canada) this timewaster features a kick-ass female heroine named Tilda (spunkily essayed by actress Shannon Beckner) who not only takes on the tentacle laced creature but Oded Fehr’s (The Mummy, Resident Evil: Extinction) dangerously smarmy, self centered boss character, as well.

Until the next time…SWEET love and pink GRUE,

Big Gay Horror Fan


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