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The Red Giallo Antics of Days’ Eve

Published August 4, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

Eve Red Duo

Sporting a giallo red dress, her form surrounded by pure white lighting while an offscreen wind machine ruffled her hair dramatically, Days of Our Lives perennial bad girl Eve Donovan made her grand re-entrance on the daytime scene this past week.

Determined to stop reformed serial killer Ben Weston (subtly intense Robert Scott Wilson) from finding happiness on his wedding day to refreshingly honest heroine Ciara Brady (the forever spunky Victoria Konefal) , Donovan deployed a bomb as a distraction tactic (just as the ceremony completed) and whisked the former compulsive murderer off to a mysterious warehouse lair. Eve Solo Red

As portrayer Kassie DePaiva notes in a recent interview, Eve has “definitely gone off the deep end!” Of course, this is not surprising if one charts the series of misguided love affairs, false accusations and general bad luck that have plagued this character during the prime of her run on the show. Add in the fact that during his long-ago reign of terror, Ben claimed Eve’s sweet daughter Paige as one of his victims and you have a Molotov cocktail of intense motivation happening here. Now Eve is determined to brainwash Ben into murdering his new wife, allowing him to liberally partake in the intense pain that she herself feels over the loss of her greatest love, her one and only child.

Of course, as the mechanics of this revenge-soaked plot play out one truly hopes that the atmosphere will remain saturated in the glow of the European revenge horror films that it is already nicely imitating.

One thing will remain certain, though. DePaiva, who has always immersed herself into the mindset of every character that she plays, will compel and entrance….and possibly find herself with an Emmy nomination for her work – a feat that would bring her total nods for her efforts with this role up to three.

Eve Blue

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The Backside of Horror: Christoph Bretner in Bruno Mattei’s Rats

Published December 31, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

So many things have embarrassed Big Gay Horror Fan in his various living quarters over the years. Why you must remember the time that my actress friend Griselda sat on the couch in the living room without realizing she was resting upon my roommate’s rubber cock ring. It had blended in perfectly with that piece of furniture’s black leather exterior and she was blissfully unaware – despite my herculean efforts to rescue her! Horrors! Then there was the time that my building manager came into do a quick inspection and discovered mouse poo upon my stovetop. It had been dropped off, during the waning hours of morning, by an unknown (at least to me), yet very charitable visitor!

But, at the very least, I haven’t suffered the fate of Bruno Mattei’s characters in 1984’s deliciously ridiculous Rats: A Night of Terror. I have never ONCE been eaten alive, in my dwelling, by bucket loads of enormously flung rats!

Still, out of the many things to recommend about this enormously fun chunk fest, concerning a group of apocalyptic survivors who find more than they bargained for in the residence they are squatting in, is the copious amount of nudity provided by lean ‘n mean Cristoph Bretner (AKA Jean Christophe Bretrigniere)as irascible punk Lucifer.rats_night_of_terror_glc_06

Looking like a combination of Mick Jagger and an anorexic Goth child, Bretner exposes both lean arse and flopping pee pee as he beds the exotic Lilith. Played by lithe Moune Duvivier (whom apparently also essayed the all important ‘Nun on a Bicycle’ in the 1990 Molly Ringwald flick Strike it Rich), Lilith is dubbed in a dreadful Southern accent, and soon meets her fate via the film’s most memorable kill – a rat burrows its way into her sleeping bag entangled hoo-ha, nibbling its way up through her mouth!

Of course, Bretner soon meets his maker via the shrieking title monsters, as well. Thus proving, once and for all (again!), that nudity on film is very bad for the portrayer – but oh so good for us thrill-seeking viewers!

You can check out the trailer for Rats – which features the amazing Geretta Geretta (Demons) in a prominent Sigourney Weaver style role – here:

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