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Hell of a Gal: The Vampires Night Orgy

Published April 23, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan

Helga VN 1

(Hell of a Gal explores the films of the ever luscious Euro Vixen Helga Liné.)

If anyone knows the importance of a well timed entrance, it’s our glorious Helga Liné!

Liné’s mysterious Countess doesn’t show up in 1974’s The Vampires Night Orgy until almost 32 minutes into the film. But she quickly makes up for lost time by seducing a sensitive poet-type and then, vampirically, feeding on him…before throwing him down to a throng of her devoted followers for further ravaging. Talk about stealing the show!

Helga VN 2Another ludicrously fun slab of cheap Euro horror, TVNO concentrates, mainly, on a group working class travelers who wind up in the Countess’ fog soaked village after their bus driver, quite rudely, dies at the wheel. Offered the run of the town by the mayor, they soon discover the price of such hospitality is their lives. Of course, the swinging lovers of the group, played by Franco regular Jack Taylor and Naschy favorite Dyanik Zurakowska, escape, but returning with the authorities, soon discover that the charming death trap has, simply, disappeared into the mists.

Unfortunately, Liné is mostly invisible here, as well. After her initial appearance, she shows up a couple of more times to feast on some of the other (less desirable) visitors, but this is definitely Taylor and Zurakowska’s show. TVNO is still highly enjoyable foreign trash, but Liné’s relative absence from the proceedings is widely felt by those looking to add a bit of auburn comfort to their afternoons.

So, until the next time, throw that copy of The Loreley’s Grasp into your DVD player…

…and SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!