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Overview: Terror in the Aisles presents Short Cuts

Published July 22, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

terror marquee
Money was raised (for AIDS charity Vital Bridges), chills were induced and laughter resounded throughout the theatre during Terror in the Aisles’ latest movie event Short Cuts. Taking place at the historic Davis Theatre in Chicago, Short Cuts featured the mini-masterpieces of over a dozen Midwestern filmmakers. Introducing the audience to works of humor, homage and serious horror, this one-of-a-kind event, ultimately, offered up a program that I was truly honored to serve as host of.

Introducing the directors!

Introducing the directors!

With many of the artists on hand to celebrate, each abbreviated feature contained true points of interest. Industrious Tony Wash (Its My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To) even utilized the event to promote his anticipated upcoming compiliation World of Death, featuring many of the selections submitted to last fall’s ABC’s of Death competition. John Pata, coming off the high of his critically acclaimed feature Dead Weight, also, choose Short Cuts as the Chicago premiere site of his latest (poetically macabre) effort Pity.
Clark & Pata chatting

Clark & Pata chatting

Personal favorites included Red Clark’s fun The Pool. Detailing the comeuppance of a bratty sibling, this charming throwback ends with some nifty camera work and a startling monster reveal. Lowcarbcomedy’s hysterical 4th Rule of Gremlins, meanwhile, offers up a very naughty take on what not to do with everybody’s favorite furry monsters. David Schmidt’s mock trailer for House on Nightmare Lane, also, hit the mark. Here, Schmidt combines the atmosphere of such classic flicks as The Haunting with the acting style of such drive-in favorites as Frankenstein’s Daughter. Overall, it’s like opening the (rusting) gates to a real winner!

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Forget Yer Love Handles! This is the Real “Dead Weight!”

Published January 12, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

dead weight
Big Gay Horror Fan will never forget the day that Mother Superior Demonessa keeled over dead during a lecture on Zombie Survival Tactics and landed, stomach first, right on my feet! I cannot describe the pain that I experienced waiting for that tow truck to break through the schoolyard walls and drag her away.

Thankfully, writer/directors Adam Bartlett and John Pata and lead actor Joe Belknap have a much better way to describe Dead Weight with their stellar post-apocalyptic horror flick.

Big Gay Horror Fan was lucky enough to catch up with these three outside Wizard World in Rosemont, IL in August 2012!

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Overview: Osh Kosh Horror Film Festival 2012

Published January 5, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan


Big Gay Horror Fan believes some things are worth traveling for. Pepto flavored ice pops, a shop selling the latest slasher flick attire – and, last but not least, the Osh Kosh Horror Film Festival!

The brain child of writer-director John Pata (Dead Weight, Better Off Undead), this yearly Wisconsin highlight most recently took place on October 6th, 2012 and featured such truly ambitious offerings as A Cadaver Christmas, Tony Wash’s A Chance in Hell, the haunting Divination (starring genre legend Lynn Lowry) and the premiere of Cory Udler’s latest counter culture masterpiece, IDS Rising.


Here, Carolyn Baker from Screaming Like Banshees ( discusses her directorial effort The Christmas Mummy with Pata. Like a steam punk comedy mixed with the Universal Horror of old, The Christmas Mummy was a definite festival highlight.


The Slasher Studios crew ( discuss their offerings – noir style Blood Brothers and devoted slasher throwback Teddy.


The joy shouting out from the above photo proves that there is ONLY one place in Osh Kosh to food break during a festival – and that is the awesome Fat Mama’s! Great service, delicious food (try the pulled pork sandwich, dripping with sweet coleslaw) and a fun atmosphere! Check it :


Here, Pata engages in the art of the multi-task as he works the concession counter with the brilliant Ashley Lamers – a woman who always proves that Osh Kosh folks are the bloody coolest!


In the theater with Studio Boo’s always active Chad Hawks and compelling literary chanteuse Christine Fugate!


Celebrities? They got celebrities! IDS Rising‘s Cory Udler ( shows off his collaboration with Ted V. Mikels – Demon Haunt! A perfect way to end a round-up, if there is one!

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