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Scout Taylor-Compton’s Rock N Roll Life

Published August 13, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Holy Glam Rock Bandanas!

I recently sat down to chat with the super cool Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, Wicked Little Things, April Fools Day)!

We chatted about her time on The Runaways set and her rock and roll heart!

You gotta agree – she’s a total (guitar playing) doll!

Cherie Currie’s Reverie

Published May 17, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Introspection has been the theme for a couple of female music powerhouses of late, producing two of 2015’s best recordings, thus far. Indie country artist (and Academy Award nominee) Allison Moorer explores her recent divorce and her son’s autism on the beautifully emotional, ultimately hopefully Down to Believing.

Cherie Currie, meanwhile, deals with her wild-child past in The Runaways and her current state of well fought for grace on the uniformly excellent Reverie. Combining glittery rockers with well combed pop ballads, Reverie finds Currie sounding better than ever, vocally, while also allowing her to serve as a well traveled life guide for listeners, as well.

Cherie CurrieThe opening track swells with psychedelic dreamscapes while positively asserting that “There is nothing I can’t be inside my reverie!” Further hope is expressed in such vibrant numbers as I’m Happy and Another Dream. But the orchestral beauty of Believe makes it the one of the most resonant numbers here, ensuring it will serve as an inspiring track to anyone whose doubts trickle down their bed sleeves in those early morning hours.

Currie’s collaborators are significant, as well. This recording marks famed producer Kim Fowley’s last (and truly heartfelt) work while fellow Runaway Lita Ford adds raucous energy to joyful reboots of American Nights and Is It Day or Night? Currie’s son Jake Hays, also, proves to be an excellent foil to his mother, contributing deeply powerful vocals to their duet, Shades of Me, ultimately, making it another one of this collection’s stand-out tracks. This song, also, emphasizes what seems to be Currie’s prime theme here. Everything changes, including traits of your own personality and, while occasionally traumatizing, it is, also, a necessary and, ultimately, beautiful thing.

A duet with an undead Ozzy!

A duet with an undead Ozzy!

Nicely, Currie, who co-starred in such genre offerings as Parasite, Wavelength and Twilight Zone: The Movie, appeases her terror loving fans with a couple of fun lyrical references, as well. In the breezily compelling Inner You, she describes herself as the “she wolf creature from the black lagoon” and the truly propulsive Queen of the Asphalt Jungle mentions “zombies” who are “riding the vampire road”.

All in all, it’s a deeply satisfying recording, one that makes her fans, worldwide, hope that it is far from her last.

You can purchase Reverie via ITunes at:

You can, also, keep tabs on Currie at and

The divine Currie and BGHF!

The divine Currie and BGHF!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

Horror, She Wrote: Cherie Currie

Published November 20, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Cherie MSW1
Horror, She Wrote explores the episodes of the ever-popular detective series Murder, She Wrote, featuring Angela Lansbury’s unstoppable Jessica Fletcher, that were highlighted by performances from genre film actors.

It may be fun to go to the dogs every once in awhile, but there is nothing, dramatically speaking, like a good cat fight! Eclectic entertainment goddess Cherie Currie certainly dives into some fur snarling fisticuffs in the first season episode of Murder, She Wrote entitled (appropriately enough) It’s a Dog’s Life and definitely comes out shining!

Best known for fronting the influential rock band The Runaways, Currie, also, had a varied acting career with roles in such horror and science fiction epics like Parasite, Wavelength and Twilight Zone: The Movie. Here, her co-stars include such genre stalwarts as Dallas’ Jared Martin (Aenigma, New Gladiators), Forrest Tucker (The Crawling Eye, The Abominable Snowman), Dan O’Herlihy (Halloween III, The Cabinet of Caligari), Dean Jones (Two on a Guillotine) and James Hampton (Teen Wolf, Hangar 18).Cherie MSW2

Playing Echo, the sarcastic daughter of a spiritually obsessed heiress (Soap’s Cathryn Damon who, also, practiced maternal witchiness in the television flick Midnight Offerings), Currie is obviously having a ball as Echo engages in verbal combat with her drunken aunt (played by soap stalwart Lenore Kasdorf). Currie, also, excellently invests the flippancy that Echo has for authority figures with a subtle comic timing and truthfully petulant sass. On the flip side, Currie and Damon do establish a natural affection between their characters, making viewers long to know more about them.

Cherie MSW3All involved (including the elegant Lynn Redgrave), though, seem to warm nicely to the absurdly fun plotline (which finds a beloved beagle on trial for murder), making this a rather delightful entry in this seminal, femme powered detective series.

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!