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Debra De Liso’s Beautiful, Terrifying, Love

Published August 22, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Behind the scenes, it may take a village to put on a show. But, sometimes, on the stage itself, all you need is one special presence.

Such is the case with the brilliant Debra De Liso. Best known as Kimberly Clark in the cult horror classic The Slumber Party Massacre, De Liso is a West Coast theatrical mainstay, with teaching, directing and acting credits galore. Now, after years of helping amazing talent travel with their own solo adventures across the boards, she has developed her own memoir piece, Beautiful, Terrifying, Love.

Recently, De Liso took this intimate production, which has been called “a tantalizing Twilight Zone marathon of a life, told by a poetic dynamo” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. There, it was referred to as “involving” by WOW 24/7 and the press, also, delighted in the fact that references to her horror film past were made during the evening.debra 2

But, while shaded by veins of humor, the show, tenderly, focuses on De Liso’s relationship with her beloved and very talented bi-polar daughter. These photos from the production, taken by De Liso’s sister, obviously show her heartfelt connectedness to the material, making it seem like a sure fire journey that lovers of, both, the arts and the humanities will definitely want to be taken on.

More information on Beautiful, Terrifying, Love and De Liso, who has also appeared in such horror and cult films as Iced and Dr. Caligari, can be gathered at http://www.debradeliso.com.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


Jack Sholder: Generation Awesome!

Published April 16, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Director Jack Sholder is, perhaps, best known for a trio of 80s horror and science fiction titles, Alone in the Dark, Nightmare on Elm St 2: Freddy’s Revenge and The Hidden. But his adventurous resume includes such features as Renegades (featuring Kiefer Sutherland) , an episode of the short-lived television version of Tremors and (another terror sequel) Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies. Plenty of comic book aficionados, though, still thrill to Sholder’s Generation X, a fun television film based on the X-Men comic spin-off. Here, on the eve of his appearance at the Sci-Fi Spectacular, where The Hidden will be screened, Sholder takes a moment to talk about the behind the scenes dynamics of Generation X and his experiences working with some of Hollywood’s most established talents.

BGHF: The Sci Fi Spectacular will be showing The Hidden this weekend and everyone knows you for Alone in the Dark and Nightmare on Elm St 2, as well. But, I’m actually thrilled to be talking to you because I love so much of your work: By Dawn’s Early Light, Generation XTwelve Days of Terror, which I think is really, really well done.

Jack Sholder: Thank you. I’m really glad that you have seen some of my other films. 12:01. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen 12:01

BG: I haven’t.GenerationX-poster

Sholder: You should really see that one. I think that it’s certainly in my top 3.

BG: Awesome! I’ll have to check it out. That would have been one of my questions: what’s a neglected favorite of yours? So, I’m glad you brought it up. But, as a burgeoning comic book geek, I’d really love to talk about Generation X, here. Matt Frewer, as the villain Dr. Tresh, is just over the top and amazing in it. What kind of experience was it like working with him?

Sholder: Oh, Matt?

BG: Yeah!

generation x mattSholder: Matt was fantastic! As a matter of fact, the writer was one of the producers, and he was extremely protective of his work. He didn’t want anything changed. He was on set everyday and criticized me for having the actors move around too much! (Laughs) He just wanted them to stand still and say his lines. We didn’t always see eye to eye. He didn’t want anyone changing his dialogue. But as far as Matt went, he’d let Matt do anything! Matt was brilliant. He’s kind of like a Jim Carrey. He never quite got that kind of recognition, but he’d just improvise and he was unbelievable. He was kind of like a genius. He was a lot of fun. He was a great guy.

BG: He’s so well balanced by Finola Hughes in that, who is just so cool and detached and sexy as Emma Frost!

Sholder: Yeah. That was a difficult film to make because we were trying to do something extremely ambitious. The means were very limited, though. New World Pictures, which was the producing entity, had been taken over by Revlon, I think. They were doing the film for Fox, but they wanted to run it like a normal business. Like, “If you say you’re going to bring the film in for $6,000,000 or $7,000,000, you can’t go to $7,000,000 and 10 cents! So, everyone was very nervous and people were standing around with their arms crossed, keeping an eye on me. So, there was a lot of pressure. But, it was a great shoot and it was really fun to do. It was fun to be able to push things really far, visually, and in terms of performances.

generation x finolaBG: On that, you worked with Frewer and Hughes, who were well honed, but a lot of the cast was younger and just starting out. Do you work differently with seasoned actors than with fresh talent?

Sholder: Yes. When you’re working with younger talent, they’re very open. They’re not set in their ways. They’re grateful for whatever they get. But, sometimes, they don’t quite have the chops. When you’re working with the old guys, the seasoned guys, they really know what they’re doing. But, occasionally, they can get a little grumpy. On By Dawn’s Early Light, Darren McGavin could be a little grumpy. Martin Landau is lovely. He’s a terrific guy. He’s actually been sort of a mentor of mine in terms of how to work with actors. Rip Torn was kind of a handful. But, he’s a great actor. James Earl Jones…you know, it doesn’t get any better! I love working with those guys. I did a pilot for NBC. The series never got made. I had Norman Lloyd. He had been in the Mercury Theatre with Orson Welles. He was the guy who fell off the Statue of Liberty in Saboteur by Alfred Hitchcock. He used to play tennis with Charlie Chaplin. He was friends with Chaplin! He was friends with Welles and Bertolt Brecht! So, just by having lunch with him, I was only one step removed from almost everyone who was ever great in Hollywood

BG: That’s amazing! I’m a theater critic on the side, so those names are killing me!

Sholder: Oh, nice! Speaking of great, great theater actors, I worked with Beatrice Straight.

BG: I love her. Hopefully, she will come back into public consciousness a bit with this Poltergeist remake coming out. She was so great in the original.

Sholder: She got an Academy Award for Network. She played William Holden’s wife. She was basically in two scenes. There was one small scene and then there was one big scene where she finds out that he has been having an affair with Faye Dunaway. That got her an Academy Award.

BG: …and it was so well deserved! I love those character actresses who made such a mark, but don’t have the recognition of Meryl Streep or what-have-you!

Sholder: Yeah. Oh, yeah! Me, too!

(Note: The film that Sholder worked with Straight on was a 25 minute adaptation of The Garden Party, a Katharine Mansfield story. It was shown on PBS and won a number of awards, further proof of this director’s amazingly eclectic skills.)

Be sure to meet Sholder this Saturday, April 18th, in Chicago at the Sci Fi Spectacular. After the screening, Sholder will be discussing The Hidden and many of his other projects. There will be a number of cool vendors, free autographs and photos and, in addition to The Hidden, there will be 16 hours of cool horror and science fiction films, including Screamers and Alien, shown, as well. Get more information at: https://www.facebook.com/events/771555102921288/.

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Friday the 13th News!

Published April 8, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

friday 13th new
There’s always good news and bad news, right?

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed some more specifics behind the upcoming Friday the 13th film, scheduled to hit theaters on May 13th, 2016.

As for the less than happy news, the latest report does confirm that, as of this time, Platinum Dunes and Paramount are planning to use the found footage format for this latest venture. But, on the more positive side, it was noted that the aim of writer Nick Antosca’s (Hannibal, Teen Wolf) script will be to reveal why Jason has been an indestructible killing force for decades.

While this concept didn’t work so well for Michael and the original Halloween series, it is still an intriguing premise and, hopefully, Antosca will be able to work all forms of slasher magic within this overview.

Be sure to keep up with the latest developments on this project at https://www.facebook.com/Friday13th2015.

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Louise Lasser’s Thanksgiving Terror!

Published November 27, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Who knew? Mary Hartman is the Queen of Thanksgiving Terror!

Veteran comic actress Louise Lasser may be best known for her iconic run on the late night television soap opera spoof Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, but she has also brought her unique set of skills to such terror gems as (charming 1973 television effort) Isn’t It Shocking?, (the classic) Frankenhooker, and David DeCoteau’s Wolves of Wall Street. 1987’s fairly obscure slasher Blood Rage found her supplying generous helpings of holiday terror, though.

Portraying Maddy, the breathlessly passionate mother of twin boys, Lasser resonates with plenty of grounded, hysterical gravitas here. After one of the boys is sent away, as a child, for a brutal murder, Maddy devotes her life to the raising of her other son.

One Thanksgiving Day, though, Maddy’s world is chopped and sliced apart. Her bad seed escapes from the mental institution and, maintaining that the other brother is responsible for the previous carnage, heads towards home to clear his name. Soon, the turkey is not the only thing being carved and effects artist Ed French (Creepshow 2, Tales from the Darkside) is soon having a ball delivering the chunky goods as characters are chopped in half and hands are disengaged from flailing bodies.louise3

Obviously produced on the cheap, but fast paced and gore stained, Blood Rage, ultimately, rises above the ordinary simply due to Lasser’s presence. She is the film’s emotionally rampaging heart, delivering a justified sense of denial and shimmering fragility. Her Maddy provides the reality in extremely outrageous and gruesomely unreal circumstances.
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Happy Jakes-Giving!!!

Published November 28, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

jake home-sweet-home
I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. The love of the lesbian prostitute nuns who raised me – that pickled toe in a jar — and, most especially, the giddily insane performance of bodybuilder Jake Steinfeld in one of the only Thanksgiving slashers in existence – 1981’s Home Sweet Home!

home-sweet-home-190x300With muscles bulging and the trilling laughter of a demented schoolgirl (leaking from his throat), Steinfeld plays Jay, an asylum escapee, whom after killing a kind traveler (for his vehicle)and then gleefully bumping off an old lady in a crosswalk, sets his murderous sights on a dysfunctional family and their Turkey Day celebration. Besides the random adults (whom all seem to be plucked from a 1970s NYC porn set), potential victims include a Kiss obsessed teen whose guitar is attached to his hip and a young (seemingly) autistic girl (played by young Vinessa Shaw who, in adulthood, would enhance such projects as Eyes Wide Shut and The Hills Have Eyes remake).

That director Nettie Pena, would go on to acclaim as a documentarian and is one of the few women to direct a ‘classic’ slasher film, does little to enhance the film’s meandering moments. But a bizarre aura soaks through the film’s more exciting bits and anytime that Stenfield is onscreen is an absolute hoot.home-sweet-home-2

Definitely not the best or worst of its genre, the behind-the-scenes stories that could be told about this production, alone, seemingly make it ripe for a nice, extras-strewn DVD revival.

But until then – Happy Jakes-giving!!! —-

and SWEET love and pink GRUE from Big Gay Horror Fan!


The Fascinating Powers of Slumber Party Massacre’s Debra De Liso!

Published May 5, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Teacher, writer, dancer, actress, cult heroine! – Big Gay Horror Fan’s head is still spinning listing all of amazing, incredibly kind Debra De Liso’s (Kimberly Clark from seminal slasher Slumber Party Massacre) accomplishments. Watch the video interview, below, and your world with be whirling with joy, as well!

Filmed by Dustin Moravick at Cinema Wasteland, April 2013 (www.cinemawasteland.com)

The Theatrical Madness of Slumber Party’s Michael Villella!

Published April 26, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Slumber Party Massacre‘s dedicated original maniac Michael Villella talks with Big Gay Horror Fan about his true passion – theater (a guy after my own heart — or whatever body part he can slash at the easiest!!!) – and his surprise at the eternal legacy and fandom surrounding Slumber Party Massacre.

Be sure to keep up with the eclectic Villella at the Official Slumber Party Massacre Facebook page: