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Hell of a Gal: The Blancheville Monster

Published November 13, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Hell of a Gal explores the many genre credits of the eclectic, eternally glamorous Helga Liné.

Helga 3Every time I try to float into a room, I wind up tripping over my shoelaces! But, as the sensually foreboding Miss Eleonore (the companion and resourceful assistant of a regal heir) in 1963’s The Blancheville Monster (AKA Horror), the stunning Helga Liné seemingly glides into spaces with creepy panache.

Thus, despite the presence of an ominous nobleman (or two) and the escape of a crazed and disfigured father figure, Line is, ultimately, the most frightening thing on display, here.

Forever wielding needles, knives and glasses filled with potions, Liné invests her creation with such cool mystery that it appears even her cheek bones could kill you, if your trespasses were serious enough. Helga 1

Of course, director Alberto De Martino and cinematographer Alejandro Ulloa fill this tale (of a young college woman battling the dangers of a family curse) with shady texture and magnificently ominous shots of mausoleums and drafty castles. (You can even see the actors’ breath in certain shots, determining that this must have been a very frightful shoot for reasons other than haunting predictions.)

But, the arresting Liné, ultimately, cancels out even the ancient architecture. She combines the wide eyed, horrific glamour of Vampira with the elegance of a European duchess to create an indelible role in this minor Italian horror masterpiece.
Helga 2
Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

Heiress Horror: Formula for a Murder (1985)

Published July 24, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Ruth: “I almost envy her. What a way to die, making love.”
Craig: “I know a place where you can watch.”

While they might not all enjoy the terror subgenre of Heiress Horror (wherein a sweet moneyed miss is done wrong so others may gain her fortune), The Society of Disgruntled Altar Boys simply has to enjoy the 1985 rarity Formula For A Murder for another reason. Here, two men of the cloth are, alternately, razored and bludgeoned to death with vicious glee by the film’s cash grubbing antagonist. Note: Never take a donation from amnesia stricken cripple, folks!

formula coverYes, our leading lady here, Joanna (a modestly thoughtful Christina Nagy) is confined to a wheelchair due to being viciously attacked, as a child, by a man impersonating a priest. Now, that the money is coming her way, a proposal from a hunky archery (???) coach falls on her lap. Of course, post-marriage, a morbid case of gas-lighting soon ensues.

Here, though, director/co-screenwriter Alberto de Martino (The Tempter, Blood Link, Contraband) lets you know, fairly quickly, that it is indeed the young woman’s new love (a finely outrageous David Warbeck) and her saucy best friend who are planning her undoing. With her noted weak heart, Craig (Warbeck) plans to fuck Joanna to death!formula4

Of course, strange dreams, betrayals and growing affections alter the course here and soon blood is being spilled in all directions. Even fans of strictly classic cinema should get a (minor) kick out of the proceedings due to the appearance of Rossano Brazzi (South Pacific, The Italian Job, Omen III) as Joanna’s concerned mentor.

formula-for-murder-dvd-coverStill, more than anything, this is a movie to track down for Warbeck’s blazingly frightful work. Those familiar with his heroic antics in Twins of Evil and The Beyond will be delighted by the frenzied passion he brings to this role. With demonic energy pouring from his eyes, he attacks the landscape (and Nagy) with an over brimming psychosis and scenery chewing panache.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!