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Review: Plain Devil

Published October 15, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

“We’re not She Devils! We’re just Plain Devils!” – Bomber, Plain Devil

Despite threats and offers of (lots of) candy from other (perhaps more influential) groups, the only sassy sorority that I truly want to join is The Mighty Followers of Tonjia Atomic! For this Seattle based multi-hyphenate has done it, once again, with her delightfully matter-of-fact look at urban gangs called Plain Devil.

Utilizing a swinging 50s ascetic in a modern setting, Atomic tells the story of Little Gypsy, an old school immigrant girl with a contemporary attitude. Setting off to find her destined romantic interests, Montgomery Clift and Mickey Rourke, Little Gypsy is soon verbally accosted by the sassy Bomber and her friends. Little Gypsy is heartbroken until their mutual love of Rourke, unexpectedly, brings her and Bomber together as companions. Soon, Bomber decides that she, Gypsy and co-conspirators, Einstein and Trashy, should form a gang.

Working evocatively against gender stereotypes, Atomic creates a surprisingly easy going vibe here. Things unfold patiently, with even the anticipated rumble arriving with honest charm. Atomic, also, smartly works societal nuances into the piece. The humorous analysis of why gangs are formed packs a true-to-life punch while a continual examination of sexist labels throughout the running time, also, hits home.

Filled with a groovy score and charming performances (particularly from Atomic as the forceful Bomber and Ada Karamanyan as the sweet Little Gypsy), this sunny John Waters-like homage is definitely Atomic’s best work thus far.

Therefore, when you’re done wielding that broken beer bottle in an alley fight; be sure to keep up with Plain Devil at

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

(Bad) CGI Friday’s: Seattle Superstorm (2011)

Published June 13, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

seattle superstorm
While sudden rainfall has definitely destroyed one or two of my Batgirl costumes – at least it hasn’t turned me into (unrealistic) vibrating ash like some of the unlucky victims of the Seattle Superstorm!

No way to lend a hand!

No way to lend a hand!

After a meteor bound for Seattle is destroyed by the government, powerful storms soon begin to crystallize some unlucky folks while, also, knocking over buildings and whipping tons of underpaid extras around. Thankfully, journeyman actor Esai Morales is on the job as a former NASA scientist who works, mightily, to stop all of that superimposed fog and fake lightening from harming too many people.

lighteningWith plenty of car crashes, explosions, smoking chemistry experiments and familiar plotline tropes, Seattle Superstorm definitely isn’t high art – but in watching it, every filmic dreamer surely realizes how super fun it would have been to make!
Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!