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Shark Bait Retro Village: Who is the Black Dahlia?

Published July 13, 2022 by biggayhorrorfan

According to online speculation, the legendary Lucille Ball did not want her daughter Lucie Arnaz to take the title role in the 1975 television film Who is the Black Dahlia? Based on the notorious 1947 murder case in which a young woman named Elizabeth Short was brutally bisected and left in an abandoned field, this film took a highly fictionalized look at the proceedings – which Ball, a Hollywood stalwart, had obviously been aware of in real time. Arnaz, smartly, was not about to turn down the title role in a compelling project, though, and her sensitive performance definitely highlights the film’s emotional truths. Unfortunately, those intimated facts haven’t changed much in the decades since this film was made – discrimination and real dangers still, overwhelmingly, lurk for young women in the world on a daily basis.

Interestingly though, since so much of Short’s life was shadowed in after-the-fact hearsay, once this television film is over, viewers still don’t have a clear view of who the title character was on a personal level. Writer Robert W. Lenski often paints her as a good person abandoned by her father, consistently threatened by rowdy soldiers and gangster types who do not understand her. But, despite Arnaz’s multi-layered work, he never finds a consistent thread to her behavior. Her actions often make no sense – engaging with people and then mysteriously evading them…acting grateful to her benefactors and then resorting to thievery. Painting her as a full-blown master of manipulation might have been inaccurate but could have ultimately created a more comprehensive narrative here.

Still, this work radiates with both a bit of a smoky film noir vibe and the sincere charms of the classic movie of the week format. This is particularly interesting as Arnaz has recalled in interviews that the entire creative process was completed in a quick two weeks. Even more impressive are the variety of well-known performers who deliver layered characterizations as the events unfold. Mercedes McCambridge, who committed fully to her demon-centric vocalizing in The Exorcist, shows her versatility here by giving her role as Short’s grandmother a vibrantly wounded heart. Donna Mills, the queen of the tele-flick genre at the period of time, adds venomous charm as one of Short’s rivals and Gloria DeHaven, who often played petulant romantic rivals in classic musicals, radiates with kindness as a prison matron who encourages Elizabeth to stay on the right track. The appearance of horror movie veteran Sid Haig as a roadside tattooist might cause a shout of surprised joy to erupt from any genre enthusiast watching, as well.

 Nicely, Arnaz would continue this based on a real horror vibe with her next project, Death Scream, another movie-of-the-week outing inspired by an actual crime. Showing up in the film’s last quarter as the late arriving final girl, Arnaz manages to outsmart the killer this time and share a second or two of screen time with Raul Julia, that project’s leading man, to boot!

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Emi Gennis: Sweet Princess of Unknown Origins

Published July 16, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

unknown origins

Recently, I was truly lucky to get a chance to chat with adorably talented editor/comic creator Emi Gennis about Unknown Origins and Untimely Ends, the comic book anthology she edited featuring macabre true life stories and unending crime mysteries.

Gennis has promised more scintillating horror flecked work in her future. So, be sure to check out and

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Big Gay Horror Fan on (True Crime Show) Double Cross!

Published September 19, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Oh, fame – Oh, fortune – WHERE the HELL are YOU???!!!!

A universal question, perhaps, but Big Gay Horror Fan may be one step closer. (HA!)

Yep, I recently shot a guest star role on the Investigation Discovery series ( show Double Cross, on the episode entitled “The Ex-Factor”. Granted, as I played a (possibly murderous) low income party boy named Pork Chop – there wasn’t much glamour. But, it was a heck of a lot of fun. So, seeing as it would be a crime that I don’t share some behind the scenes shots from this crime reenactment drama – here, we go!!

Oh, man! We used this prop alcohol A LOT!!!

Oh, man! We used this prop alcohol A LOT!!!

I didn’t drink all of these – I swear!!!



It is true! A lot of time on set is just sitting around and waiting. Above, my lovely co-star Linda and I react to finally being called to film!

The gang on set.

The gang on set.

I found another truism realized on set: whenever you film summer scenes – it’s gonna be cold outside!!!

We shot this poolside party scene on the 2nd of July (2013) in Chicago. It was supposed to be a blistering Arizona party scene – so, of course, it was one of the COLDEST summer nights on record!! Robes and blankets covered freezing actors (when not filming)- especially as the evening got later and later!

Smiling - about murder??!!?

Smiling – about murder??!!?

Does she look like a coldhearted killer to you?!? Tune into the Investigation Discovery Channel on Thursday, September 19th to find out!!!


I didn’t touch her, mom, I swear! (I don’t think she’ll find that hard to believe, folks!)


Be sure to check out Big Gay Horror Fan on “The Ex-Factor” episode of Double Cross on the Investigation Discovery channel, Thursday, September 19th at 9PM P/S time, 8 Central time. Repeated at 12 AM P/S, 11PM C.

More information can be obtained at:

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