Big Gay Horror Fan on (True Crime Show) Double Cross!

Published September 19, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Oh, fame – Oh, fortune – WHERE the HELL are YOU???!!!!

A universal question, perhaps, but Big Gay Horror Fan may be one step closer. (HA!)

Yep, I recently shot a guest star role on the Investigation Discovery series ( show Double Cross, on the episode entitled “The Ex-Factor”. Granted, as I played a (possibly murderous) low income party boy named Pork Chop – there wasn’t much glamour. But, it was a heck of a lot of fun. So, seeing as it would be a crime that I don’t share some behind the scenes shots from this crime reenactment drama – here, we go!!

Oh, man! We used this prop alcohol A LOT!!!

Oh, man! We used this prop alcohol A LOT!!!

I didn’t drink all of these – I swear!!!



It is true! A lot of time on set is just sitting around and waiting. Above, my lovely co-star Linda and I react to finally being called to film!

The gang on set.

The gang on set.

I found another truism realized on set: whenever you film summer scenes – it’s gonna be cold outside!!!

We shot this poolside party scene on the 2nd of July (2013) in Chicago. It was supposed to be a blistering Arizona party scene – so, of course, it was one of the COLDEST summer nights on record!! Robes and blankets covered freezing actors (when not filming)- especially as the evening got later and later!

Smiling - about murder??!!?

Smiling – about murder??!!?

Does she look like a coldhearted killer to you?!? Tune into the Investigation Discovery Channel on Thursday, September 19th to find out!!!


I didn’t touch her, mom, I swear! (I don’t think she’ll find that hard to believe, folks!)


Be sure to check out Big Gay Horror Fan on “The Ex-Factor” episode of Double Cross on the Investigation Discovery channel, Thursday, September 19th at 9PM P/S time, 8 Central time. Repeated at 12 AM P/S, 11PM C.

More information can be obtained at:

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

2 comments on “Big Gay Horror Fan on (True Crime Show) Double Cross!

  • Yay!! I’m very excited for you!!! I have the tools all set to capture a Pork Chop at 11pm tonight. Perhaps I may need to hold a viewing party and ask to see if I can’t have the guest celeb join us!!

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