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A Scry for Dagger Cast!

Published December 24, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan


Queer writer and Midwest bon vivant Aaron Eischeid brought his A game to the holiday episode of Dagger Cast! Promoting A Scry for Help, his demon inspired tale of grief, Eishcheid regaled us with tales of Clive Barker and conjuring….and even answered a few of our goofy questions about Santa tinged slashers!

This episode also marks Dagger Cast’s one year anniversary. It’s been such an amazing pleasure to chat with all of our guests…and to do all those gloriously goofy post show photo shoots! We can’t wait to continue with more sonic (and visual) alternative horror adventures in 2020!

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Review: Black Button Eyes’ Evil Dead the Musical

Published February 8, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

Evil Dead Caitlin.jpg

Cheryl Williams is the specter that forever haunts my friend Kirsten. The classic image of that Evil Dead character’s zombiefied face peeking through a crack in the cellar door endlessly chills her. Thus, we have a proud woman of horror being successfully thrilled by another proud woman in horror.

This cycle continues with Black Button Eyes Productions current mounting of Evil Dead the Musical. Enacted by an incredibly talented ensemble of eight, this Midwest event is proudly presided over by actress Caitlin Jackson’s often ecstatic take on Cheryl. Her energy and skill, coincidentally, make this role a true celebration of one of my favorite yearly events, February’s Woman in Horror Month. Jackson’s ability to present multiple shades of one individual in a comedic terror piece proves that the eclecticism and uniqueness of the macabre arts are often most truly presented in a feminine form. Indeed, suffering and the humor needed to overcome certain tragedies are an essential part of her take on this shy, often abused wallflower who finally finds the devilish power within. Cheryl_Possessed_by_the_Demons

Of course, this is a rather heady take on a show that promotes goofy, blood stained shenanigans. Combining plot points from Sam Raimi’s first two Evil Dead films, EDTM finds proud S-Mart employee Ash Williams breaking into a woods strewn cottage with his closest family and friends. The discovery and subsequent reading of a skin stained, rustic book soon finds him surrounded by possessed, tune humming demons. Therefore, even with the help of an accomplished, talkative scholar, Ash may soon find himself dead before dawn!

Nicely, by hiring a diverse ensemble and toning down some of the more obvious frat boy antics of the original material, director Ed Rutherford presents one of the more balanced productions of this beloved and zany show. Jon Beal’s fight choreography presents all sexes in a strong light and the live band, led by Oliver Townsend, gives audience members an immediate, joyful feel for the limb flinging proceedings.

Evil Dead Jordan

But this would all be for naught, perhaps, without the proper take on Ash, a character adored by scare fiends, far and wide. Fortunately, the handsome and charismatic Jordan Dell Harris nails it here. Coming off like Bruce Campbell’s younger doppelganger, Harris sings and dances with charming aplomb. Nicely, he intuitively adds an uncomplicated honesty and heart to Ash’s often over-the-top bravado, succeeding in winning the crowds of people, whom have been rightly flocking to this show, over entirely.

Evil Dead the Musical runs through February 16th at The Pride Arts Center in Chicago. Further information is available at  Tell ‘em Kirsten and Cheryl sent ya!

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Geretta Geretta: Demons and Other Adventures in Euro-Land!

Published October 16, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

geretta headshotOften credited as Janna Ryan (or Ryann) or Geretta Giancarlo, the eternally striking Geretta Geretta lit up numerous over-the-top European horror and post-apocalyptic epics like MURDER-ROCK, RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR and WARRIORS OF THE LOST WORLD. Of course, this eclectic wonder, who is a writer and director in her own right, is best known for her aggressive portrayal of Rosemary, the first victim who turns into a dazzling, drooling creature, in the cult classic DEMONS. Ingeniously detailing what happens when a group of movie-goers are attacked and turned into zombie-like creatures, mirroring the action of the film they are viewing, DEMONS, created by the combined efforts of director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento, will be shown at Chicago’s annual 24 hour THE MASSACRE (details below), on Saturday, October 17th, with Geretta in attendance. In anticipation of that event, this charming, well traveled performer talked to me about her work in the Euro scene of the 80s and about her co-stars in everyone’s favorite over-the-top monster fest.

BGHF: Your roles always seem to rely on an intense physicality. Do you approach every role that you play with the character’s physical qualities in mind or is it more of an emotional connection?

GERETTA GERETTA: Thanks for noticing. Keep in mind during a lot of that I was between the ages of 19 and 26 so I could jump, fall and run like the wind. I grew up in Oregon, basically a tomboy with a pretty face. I just didn’t know any better! I gotta lot of shit in Italy too cause they weren’t used to girls being so…well, Sporty Spice! This was like a decade earlier! I didn’t care! They’d shove a machine gun in my hand and say “Run! Shoot!” I just did it! My first film in Italy, I don’t even think I have lines. I’m in a Raquel Welch-like fur bikini bottom. Guys are raping girls, left and right, in some post apocalyptic nightmare-doomsday and I’m shot in the chest… after just running through several scenes, in high heeled boots, shooting people. Who knew!? I just did it!

BGHF: You were often credited as Janna Ryan on those early films.

GERETTA: Director David Worth had changed it to Janna Ryan on WARRIORS OF THE LOST WORLD because he said Geretta Giancarlo made the film sound too Italian! Bahahah!

BGHF: You have talked about DEMONS being a well funded production. Was it the highest budgeted project that you had worked on at that point in time?

GERETTA: Yes. I believe the budget was 1 million. Keep in mind, back then even Fellini only got six!

BGHF: The cast of DEMONS is so eclectic. Is there anything about the background of the performers involved that the fans would find interesting?geretta - bobby rhodes

GERETTA: Actually, every single of us young’uns pretty much had a claim to fame. Urbano Barberini (George) was… (Laughs) well, read a history book! They used to like be kings and he’s a direct descendant! Natasha Hovey (Cheryl) was about the most famous ingénue in Italy. She had just come off a huge financial and artistic hit film called DA GRANDE which, loosely translated, was BIG, using the same storyline that they did with Tom Hanks a few years later. Karl Zinny’s (Ken) aunt was a hugely famous actress. Paolo Cozzo (Kathy), who played the dark haired best friend, was the daughter of the cinematographer. Let’s see…That young blonde crawling under the chairs? That was Fiore Argento, Dario’s older daughter. The dark haired guy that reads the book in the movie within the movie? That’s Marcello Modungo, the son of Domenico Modungo who recorded Volare. It’s like The Girl from Ipanema, one of those world famous international classic songs! The red head usher, Nicoletta Elmi – she was a famous model and child actress…I could go on and on. We were…I dunno…the Roma Brat Pack? Yeah…why not?!? For that summer, we were the she-it! (Laughs)

BGHF: So, were there any hi-jinks with your co-stars, on set, during the filming of DEMONS?

demons_rosemaryGERETTA: You know? You have to be a lot more famous to do hi-jinks on set! They take up time and well, no one ever talks about the ones that don’t come off well.
BGHF: How long did your iconic make-up take to put on in DEMONS? Was it an arduous process?

GERETTA: My memory now says about seven hours; four for the hands and three for the face…all those veins were hand painted on, then the lashes and contact lens, and then all that stinking yogurt in my hair! Then once the bubble bursts that scar had to match….I only did about three or four hours a night on the actual shooting… and even then that’s about 15 minutes at a time. It ain’t all glam and hi-jinks! Movies are a lot of hurry up and wait!cult

BGHF: Rosemary as a demon has been immortalized with her own bobble head doll from Cult Collectibles. How did it feel to receive such an honor?

GERETTA: I was shocked as shit and very, very humbled! Thanks Mark Murray! Thanks Mary Murray! I met them during my “Italian Invasion Tour” during Chiller. They asked me then.

BGHF: Does the continued legacy of your Euro cult films like DEMONS, RATS, and SHOCKING DARK surprise you?

GERETTA: Hell yeah! But, still not as much as America voting in a black president -twice! That’s when I KNEW the apocalypse is nigh! (Laughing)

Be sure to come meet Geretta at The Massacre, 24 hours of horror film madness, on October 27th at the historic Patio Theatre in Chicago. She will be joined by original DAWN OF THE DEAD co-star SCOTT REINIGER. There will be free autographs and photos, numerous horror related vendors and auctions to benefit Vital Bridges, a non-for-profit devoted to helping those with AIDS related illnesses. More information can be gathered at