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Hamish Downie’s Silence

Published October 31, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

He’s an Australian living in Japan, but that isn’t the most interesting thing about Hamish Downie. As talented filmmaker, he’s combined high art and horror for years now.

The press release for one of his most poignant creations has just been released…

“TAIPEI (October 2020), Gagaoolala announced today that it acquired the global rights to Hamish Downie’s SILENCE. Written and Directed by Downie (upcoming feature film “Matcha & Vanilla”), inspired by the Director’s real life, the short film has screened around the world at festivals such as Filmfest homochrom (Germany) and the Queersicht Film Festival (Switzerland), and received honorable mentions at Just Before Midnight Film Festival, and Let’s All Be Free Film Festival. It received encore screenings at Lake Champlain International Film Festival, and is set to be re-screened this year as part of online events put on by Tag! Queer Shorts Film Festival (formally Corvallis Queer Film Festival).

Hamish Downie’s Lynchesque/Homage to Film Noir and Atmospheric Horror short film follows the story of a woman (Tomoko Hayakawa) who must survive the night with her abusive girlfriend (Qyoko Kudo), after being discovered trying to escape.”

…and the teaser trailer has recently been given a lot of attention, as well.

Please follow https://www.facebook.com/hamishdowniewriter for more information and…

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan


Deanna Dunagan Debuts on The Exorcist!

Published October 14, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


There’s been a bloody train attack, drunken backstage antics, much creepy evidence of possession… and tonight on the fourth episode of Fox’s The Exorcist, Nana is coming out from underneath the bed!

Yes, tonight is the debut of Tony award winning actress Deanna Dunagan (The Visit’s powerful Nana) as Mother Bernadette, someone who seems poised to assist Ben Daniels’ Father Keane in his efforts to understand the devilish activities that are currently occurring in the show’s universe.

Nicely, the appearance of Dunagan marks the addition of another multi-talented female performer to a show that already has been graced by the presence of Oscar winner Geena Davis, committed Midwest theater artist Kirsten Fitzgerald and the stunning Brianne Howey, whose brings a tart anguish to Kat, the young woman whose first tentative stabs at lesbianism were brought to a crashing halt.

I can’t wait for more!


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Eli Roth and That “Gay” Word!

Published October 14, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

green inferno
So, I honestly love Eli Roth! The man could…say, produce a slightly confusing Twins Peak like series called Hemlock Grove…and I’d watch it. He could play something eternally classy like the Wet T-Shirt Host in the Piranha remake…and I’d deem him the embodiment of Laurence Olivier in his prime. But, good queer boys in wonderment, he has to find some better derogatory phrases for his characters to use – like now!

If you remember, a number of years ago, Roth was brought to task by some fans for the use of homosexual slurs by his straight, college age male characters in Hostel. Roth’s defense was that he, himself, wasn’t homophobic, but that the phrases were indeed something that would come out of a twenty something’s mouth. Even though, as a gay man, I momentarily flinched the first time I heard Jay Hernandez’s Paxton describe a nightclub as a “fucking fag fest”, I did agree with Roth’s honest assessment of his creations and let it pass.

Flash forward nearly 10 years, though, and I do believe it’s time for a change! It’s only a brief moment (and I may be accused of creating shit piles out of pebbles), but in The Green Inferno, Roth’s cannibal flick homage that is still chewing up the nubile flesh of theater goers, the socially motivated final girl’s best friend, jokingly (but emphatically), declares, “Activism is so fucking gay!”

As I’ve stated, it is truly a blip in the proceedings, but it truly bothered me. You can argue it how you want, but when it comes down to it, in contemporary society, “gay” refers to homosexuality and when you use it as a negative, what flashes into everyone’s minds? Limp wristed, catty little puff boys who couldn’t put up a good fight in the cafeteria of life! Saying that the word has nothing to do with orientation or romantic preference, but merely describes something that is weak or lame doesn’t help either. The part of society that hates us truly believes that is what we are – less than, ineffective, wrong. Also, to argue that this vernacular would still be part of an urban college student’s vocabulary seems unreasonable to me. Gay, bisexual and transgender people are a part of almost every city dwelling student’s life now.

What is, possibly, ironic here is that Kaycee, the character who utters this proclamation, is played by model-actress Sky Ferreira, whose dance worthy 2013 album Night Time, My Time probably found its biggest fans in the queer community.

So, accuse me of nitpicking, but as one in huge community of GLBT fright lovers, I have to say that the use of this term, even in quick jest, was hurtful to me. I want to escape into a horror flick, not be reminded that, in some areas, I could still be bashed for being a dick sucker the moment that I leave the theater.

So, I still love you, Eli. But maybe it’s time to modernize?!? And, yes, I did appreciate the sensitive lesbian couple that played into the film’s bloody proceedings. But next time, why not be a true rebel and use a sexy male duo? Hot gay girls are so hetro-accepted – just ask Eva Mendes who played one in Urban Legends: Final Cut in 2000!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!