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Deanna Dunagan Debuts on The Exorcist!

Published October 14, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


There’s been a bloody train attack, drunken backstage antics, much creepy evidence of possession… and tonight on the fourth episode of Fox’s The Exorcist, Nana is coming out from underneath the bed!

Yes, tonight is the debut of Tony award winning actress Deanna Dunagan (The Visit’s powerful Nana) as Mother Bernadette, someone who seems poised to assist Ben Daniels’ Father Keane in his efforts to understand the devilish activities that are currently occurring in the show’s universe.

Nicely, the appearance of Dunagan marks the addition of another multi-talented female performer to a show that already has been graced by the presence of Oscar winner Geena Davis, committed Midwest theater artist Kirsten Fitzgerald and the stunning Brianne Howey, whose brings a tart anguish to Kat, the young woman whose first tentative stabs at lesbianism were brought to a crashing halt.

I can’t wait for more!

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Deanna Dunagan Joins The Exorcist

Published September 23, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


The divine Deanna Dunagan may go down in history as having created one of the creepiest and most emotionally present villainesses with her take on Nana in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2015 return to form, The Visit. But, she has also given the horror universe another powerful female player with her recent appearance on the third season of FX’s The Strain.   Here, playing Ancharia, a powerful medieval tutor and savior to (series regular) Quinlan, Dunagan provided the episode with its heartfelt core and made us long to see more of her in this masterfully created universe.deanna-strain

Now, Dunagan promises to provide even more strength of will in her recurring role as Mother Bernadette on Fox’s The Exorcist. This reimagining of the classic film and William Peter Blatty novel stars Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis and makes its debut on Friday, September 23rd, 2016. Dunagan’s first appearance will be on the 4th episode with more “visits” to follow in forthcoming installments.

You can keep up with all the levitating monstrousness and soul sucking antics to come at and


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Book Review: The Quality of Mercy

Published June 3, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


Who knew the voice of Satan could be so sweet? Indeed, Academy Award winning actress Mercedes McCambridge, best known to terror stalwarts for providing the ghoulish vocal pyrotechnics of the demon in The Exorcist, writes with enormous beauty and supreme self awareness in her 1981 memoir The Quality of Mercy: An Autobiography.

Nicely, McCambridge, a versatile veteran of live radio, spends an entire chapter describing how she came up with the various signature sound pieces that made William Friedkin’s seminal shocker so potently creepy. (If you thought Regan’s onscreen vomiting was hard to take, the image of McCambridge spitting up raw eggs into a cup for the sound effect is liable to make your stomach a mite queasy, as well.) McCambridge also relates her heartache upon realizing she hadn’t, initially, received screen credit for her work and describes the efforts taken to make sure she received it. (Note: In Friedkin’s 2013 memoir he relates a different story, that McCambridge, at first, had insisted on no screen credit to help supply a sense of atmosphere to the film.)

As an unexpected bonus, the husky voiced actress also relates her joy upon working with Boris Karloff in a vampire piece for the radio. She, gleefully, recounts how, behind the scenes, life savers were chomped on to create the illusion that her character’s neck was being snapped.mercedes 99

Perhaps, not unsurprisingly, McCambridge’s tome, occasionally, deals with the often devastating effects of religion on women. Taught to fear an all powerful being, she strains to find her own voice and live a liberated and creative life. She is haunted by her two divorces and recounts, in frightening detail, how she assisted a childhood friend in procuring an illegal abortion.

She also, honestly, recounts her struggles with alcoholism and, with the sweeping curtness of a master storyteller, recalls her activism and her personal relationships, that she hints might have contained flickers of romance, with such powerful figures as politician Adlai Stevenson and master showman Billy Rose.

Euro-buffs, meanwhile, will get a kick out of her non-mention of exploitation maestro Jess Franco. Franco’s 99 Women, the WIP flick that features a boisterously accented performance from McCambridge, is brushed off as an unnamed, nonessential entry in her filmography here.

Thankfully, McCambridge, whose career seemingly suffered due to her visible efforts to link a popular face to the rigors of addiction, comes off as completely singular and absolutely worthy of the cinema fan’s eternal (and loving) recall.

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Barmy Battles: Psycho Vs. The Exorcist!

Published July 18, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Usually the toughest thing that Big Gay Horror Fan has to decide on is whether to wear the large Freddy t-shirt or the extra-large (depending on how much he’s consumed the previous week)!

The truly exciting site Barmy Battles has upped the difficulty in the choice factor this week, though, by proposing a count-off between two horror classics: Alfred Hitchcock’s momma loving Psycho (1960) and William Peter Blatty’s devil smeared The Exorcist (1973).

You can make your (almost impossible) choice between the two, until the end of August 2013 at:

And – tell them Big Gay Horror Fan sent you!

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