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In Remembrance: Tommy Kirk

Published October 12, 2021 by biggayhorrorfan

After gracing their lots for a wide variety of projects throughout the ‘50s, the exuberant Tommy Kirk was let go by Disney upon the discovery of his homosexuality. Thankfully, for genre fans, low budget studios like AIP were eager to bank on his childhood & teenage fame and cast him in a variety ‘60s cult projects. Indeed, titles like Village of the Giants, Mars Needs Women, Blood of Ghastly Horror and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini have a special place in the hearts of genre lovers, worldwide.

Still, the fact that Kirk had to hide his true nature for a large part of his existence, akin to such contemporaries as Anthony Perkins, Tab Hunter & Tom Tryon, lent his death this past September a truly somber and bittersweet edge. Thankfully, though. Kirk got to see some changes during his lifetime. Openly gay (and bi-sexual) actors such as Peter Porte, Adam Huss. Matt Comer, Jim Parsons, Mike Manning & Luke Evans are often cast in projects, many of them often playing straight characters as well as gay.

In loving memory of Kirk, let’s hope this a trend that continues, ad infinitum.

Tommy Kirk – 1941 – 2021.

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


Music to Make Horror Movies By: Eddie Murphy

Published January 6, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan


eddie vampire-in-brooklyn-lb-1

A modern king of comedy, Eddie Murphy’s time as a nocturnal scavenger in Vampire in Brooklyn turned out to be one of his less toothy ventures in cinematic mayhem. Of course, as with many others, the uneven specters of love have perhaps haunted Murphy with more aplomb than any failed celluloid enterprise. Here, his ‘80s hit Party All The Time serves as prime evidence.

As with other funny men, Murphy has had extremely homophobic moments in his material. He apologized in 1996 for comments about the AIDS crisis in his film Delirious, confirming that he wasn’t “anti-gay”. As another twenty some years have passed since then, I am sure that he has evolved even further and in that spirit of hope and forgiveness, I post this column here.

eddie vampire

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!



Eli Roth and That “Gay” Word!

Published October 14, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

green inferno
So, I honestly love Eli Roth! The man could…say, produce a slightly confusing Twins Peak like series called Hemlock Grove…and I’d watch it. He could play something eternally classy like the Wet T-Shirt Host in the Piranha remake…and I’d deem him the embodiment of Laurence Olivier in his prime. But, good queer boys in wonderment, he has to find some better derogatory phrases for his characters to use – like now!

If you remember, a number of years ago, Roth was brought to task by some fans for the use of homosexual slurs by his straight, college age male characters in Hostel. Roth’s defense was that he, himself, wasn’t homophobic, but that the phrases were indeed something that would come out of a twenty something’s mouth. Even though, as a gay man, I momentarily flinched the first time I heard Jay Hernandez’s Paxton describe a nightclub as a “fucking fag fest”, I did agree with Roth’s honest assessment of his creations and let it pass.

Flash forward nearly 10 years, though, and I do believe it’s time for a change! It’s only a brief moment (and I may be accused of creating shit piles out of pebbles), but in The Green Inferno, Roth’s cannibal flick homage that is still chewing up the nubile flesh of theater goers, the socially motivated final girl’s best friend, jokingly (but emphatically), declares, “Activism is so fucking gay!”

As I’ve stated, it is truly a blip in the proceedings, but it truly bothered me. You can argue it how you want, but when it comes down to it, in contemporary society, “gay” refers to homosexuality and when you use it as a negative, what flashes into everyone’s minds? Limp wristed, catty little puff boys who couldn’t put up a good fight in the cafeteria of life! Saying that the word has nothing to do with orientation or romantic preference, but merely describes something that is weak or lame doesn’t help either. The part of society that hates us truly believes that is what we are – less than, ineffective, wrong. Also, to argue that this vernacular would still be part of an urban college student’s vocabulary seems unreasonable to me. Gay, bisexual and transgender people are a part of almost every city dwelling student’s life now.

What is, possibly, ironic here is that Kaycee, the character who utters this proclamation, is played by model-actress Sky Ferreira, whose dance worthy 2013 album Night Time, My Time probably found its biggest fans in the queer community.

So, accuse me of nitpicking, but as one in huge community of GLBT fright lovers, I have to say that the use of this term, even in quick jest, was hurtful to me. I want to escape into a horror flick, not be reminded that, in some areas, I could still be bashed for being a dick sucker the moment that I leave the theater.

So, I still love you, Eli. But maybe it’s time to modernize?!? And, yes, I did appreciate the sensitive lesbian couple that played into the film’s bloody proceedings. But next time, why not be a true rebel and use a sexy male duo? Hot gay girls are so hetro-accepted – just ask Eva Mendes who played one in Urban Legends: Final Cut in 2000!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


Overview: Days of Our Lives, “The Necktie Killer” – Part Two

Published October 12, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Will full strangled
Soap opera Days of Our Lives has been adding a flare of Hitchcockian horror to its latest storylines, including a twisted serial killer tale. Here’s my second look at this blood thirsty venture.

Salem’s continued aura of Gothicism has continued these past two weeks with ghostly appearances, the mysterious re-entry of a smooth talking heir and another vicious murder.

Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay), the town’s beloved pub owner, found herself, face to face, with the spectral presence of her long dead husband, Shawn. Believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s, Caroline is actually, unknowingly, the victim of a mysterious illness that is causing her to rapidly deteriorate and…well, see dead folks! Will that unknown serum that her doctor daughter Kayla has administered reverse the effects? true

The killer’s second victim, Paige, also made some ephemeral contact with her grieving mother, Eve. Appearing to the distraught parent at her funeral, Paige urged the overwhelmed woman to release her anger and offered up forgiveness for the wrongs that had been committed against her. Instead of following her daughter’s tender advice, Eve, in some of portrayer Kassie DePaiva’s most anguished work, went after Paige’s errant boyfriend, JJ (Casey Moss) and his mother, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), with flint-eyed intent. A tender talk with her sister, Theresa (Jen Lilley), afterwards, though, seemed to turn Eve towards a more even keeled path and, hopefully, major character adjustments during the months that she has left on the show.

kassie trueHere, it was nice to see the luminous True O’Brien, Paige’s portrayer, once again, and the actress’s angelic beauty truly added potent warmth to the otherworldly atmosphere. Unfortunately, the current writers (Josh Griffith, Dena Higley) exhibit that, just like the previous regime, they don’t seem to know what to do with Eve and DePaiva, her multi-talented portrayer. Instead of applying a natural arc here – for example, having Eve attack JJ and Jennifer and then receive some spiritual guidance from Paige, resulting in some redemptory scenes with her enemies – the powers-that-be, instead, chose to, momentarily, alienate Eve further from the audience. DePaiva, a distinguished soap vet, truly deserves much better.

Meanwhile, Chad, the accused killer, went undercover. Looking like an extra from a low budget production of The Grapes of Wrath, this nervous lord-to-an-empire took to the docks of the city, looking for the homeless man who could give him an alibi for the crimes. Discovering that the man was mentally unprepared to offer him any sanctuary, Chad returned to the home of his all-powerful father, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). There, he discovered Andre (Thaao Penghlis), his father’s former nephew, turned instant son by the current production staff. Bristling against the advice of his sudden brother, Chad seems to be heading to further unfortunate adventures until the true killer, Ben, is revealed.guy robert strangled

Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), naturally, has been quite busy, himself. Reliving his violent misdeeds, in his mind, during tender exchanges with his pregnant fiancée, Abigail (Kate Mansi), this muscled hunk seems ready to crack. He, also, impulsively threw an errant red tie, evidence of his crimes, into a waste basket in his apartment. There, it was discovered by Will, Abigail’s cousin and best friend and, perhaps, soapdom’s only gay legacy character.

The grandson of Marlena and the son of Sami, two of Days’ most beloved divas, Will came out as gay, under the beloved watch of his former portrayer, multiple Emmy winner Chandler Massey. Current portrayer Guy Wilson has not been as embraced by the fans, but he provided viewers with some of Days‘ best moments in the past year or so. With Wilson on the job, Will married hIs true love, Sonny, and provided plenty of soapy awesomeness as he proved how close in nature he was to his impulsive, wrong doing mother. Cheating on Sonny with a former baseball pro named Paul (Christopher Sean), Will, ultimately, used various devious methods to hold onto his man. This naturally drove Sonny away – as in out of the country – and Will has been floundering, emotionally, ever since. The discovery of the necktie, also, made him Ben’s latest victim as the soap came to a close this previous week.

Apart from the hilariously odd impossibilities, which found Ben lugging Will’s body across town without detection and making it appear as if Will had been killed in a robbery attempt, there are more serious implications at work here with this murder – as in the subtle scent of (possibly unintended) homophobia.

In their (semi) defense, the writers seem to be trying to clean house in inventive and surprising ways. But the killing off one of daytime drama’s only homosexual characters is, ultimately, a poor choice on many levels. Even Allison Sweeney, Sami’s portrayer, has spoken out about her dissatisfaction with this twist, publically, and how it makes no sense to the show, historically or culturally. Indeed, previous writing teams insured Will’s importance by making him the unexpected father of a daughter before indulging in his full steps into homosexuality. Thus, right wing types were assured of Will’s virility – he had slept with a woman, after all – and familial type storylines, for decades, were set in place.

But, in recent weeks, Days has gone from one of the most progressive and queer friendly shows to one with increasingly diminishing turns. Granted, Freddy Smith, Sonny’s portrayer, left the show of his own accord. But Paul, who was revealed to be the son of John, another one of the show’s enduring characters, has been nowhere in sight, as of late, as well. It truly seems as if with the eradication of Will, the show is turning from the ethics of modernity to the “family values” of the past, a slap in the face to all of its queer and queer loving viewers.

Time will tell how things play out, but the removal of Will, who has grown up before the audience’s eyes, will be a hard fact to get over – especially as his absence, during this time period when the show claims to be concentrating more on its core families and characters, seems like such an inexplicable one.

Perhaps, at the very least, outcry over this issue may cause the head writers to examine the public ramifications of future decisions with other minority and out of the status quo characters. For In (supposed) equal times such as these, erasing a vital queer element can seem in line, even accidentally, with all those bigots who would, seemingly, like us all to disappear for good.
Kassie tears
Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


The Power of Speaking Out!

Published April 8, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Folks fighting the good fight!

Folks fighting the good fight!

I so wasn’t looking for another battle. The constant protesting against and arguing over the minutiae of Indiana’s RFRA law, last week, left me emotionally exhausted. But, I just couldn’t ignore this.

When researching a quick feature on the 2016 remount of Friday the 13th, yesterday, I came upon the Facebook page for the film. I, excitedly, checked it out and noticed that, on March 28th, the page was updated with the film’s new promo poster. While many fans were commenting on the plotline of the film and what certain wording on the poster implied, some idiot decided to leave this comment re: the poster’s image: “this pick is f—g gay as shit and slaps horror in the face . wtf is this garbage?”

The "Gay" Poster

The “Gay” Poster

Really? First of all, spell check, buddy! Secondly, I think the poster (pictured) was kind of cool. But, more importantly, I still can’t get over the fact that, in this day and age, the term gay is still be using as an insult and/or as a descriptor for something that is presumably weak or not kick-ass enough. It’s even more discouraging when it comes from a fan of an outsider genre such as horror.

Of course, the last thing I wanted to do was to get into an online shouting match with some buffoon. The idea of going back and forth, while surely being insulted, trying to explain human rights to someone who doesn’t want to get human rights was a totally wearying thought.

But, if the quick turnaround with RFRA taught me anything, it was that being quiet wouldn’t help anything. So, even though my brain was crying, I left this response for him: “As a gay man whose main friends are tattooed, queer hard ass punk rockers, I have to say this image definitely is NOT gay. & seeing as its 2015, isn’t it time that we stopped using gay as a derogatory descriptor?!?”

Then, what do you know?!? While I was taking a moment to wonder if said idiot would even understand anything I wrote, the administrators of the site, quickly, deleted his offensive statement, solving the situation in an incredibly timely manner. (Thank you, F13 folks!)

So, while I am still baffled and discouraged to know there are actually people who still think that my sexuality is wrong and/or makes me lesser than the average person, I am encouraged to be reminded that not speaking out is always the wrong path. Even when the results aren’t instantaneous, to be scared and silent is never the preferable way to live.

…and with that…Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!