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Horror Mash-Up: Fay Wray and Farley Granger

Published March 23, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

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As with many superstars, Mary Astor and Constance Bennett among them, King Kong’s expressive Fay Wray found herself playing mothers of grown daughters onscreen far too soon. Nicely, Wray finds plenty of moments to bring a sense of charm and joy to her Mrs. Gordon Kimbell – no first name given!!! – in the 1953 MGM musical Small Town Girl.

Mothering musical sensation Jane Powell as she romances Farley Granger’s society playboy (while simultaneously wrangling her way through the rest of her loved one’s strong personalities), Wray is able to show moments of exasperated tenderness over her brood’s foibles and eccentricities while providing evidence that she is the force that keeps her family on the right track. Small Farley

Terror celebrants, meanwhile, will be pleased to see Wray, whose other horror credits include Doctor X and Mystery in the Wax Museum, share a scene or two with Granger. Granger, who proves here that he was one of the most striking presences in the Golden Age of Hollywood, is well known for his work in Hitchcock’s homoerotic masterpieces, Rope and Strangers on a Train. Besides that amazing contribution to the legacy of dark cinema, this eclectic specimen appeared in a variety of Giallo enterprises (So Sweet, So Dead, Something Creeping in the Dark, What Have They Done to Your Daughters?) and enlivened the beloved 1981 slasher The Prowler, which is highlighted by Tom Savini’s gruesome effects work.

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The (Sometimes) Terrifying Tales O’ Traci!

Published August 7, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

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With organic products at an all time demand, one needn’t look further than the iconic Traci Lords for some true naturalism in acting.

Even in such quickly shot crime dramas as 1991’s A Time to Die and 1992’s Intent to Kill, Lords provided subtle shades of realism. Her conversations with other characters in these projects are laced with natural fidgeting and dreamy asides. These are mannerisms that are part of many a day-to-day chat fest, but they are almost never truly captured on film.

As Emma Conway in Two for the Show, a season 5 episode of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, Lords supplies deep intent, as well. Determined to leave her business obsessed husband, Lords projects an honest nature. You truly believe she was once in love with David Paymer’s snarky company shark and understand how she has fallen, desperately, into someone else’s arms. tfc506_01

The fact that Emma wants nothing from her husband but freedom, of course, does not earn her an acquittal from the bloody antics, though. This is a Tales of the Crypt episode, after all! Strangled and hacked to death, Emma disappears as the plot begins to resemble a truly twisted variation on Strangers on a Train, featuring the now frightened Paymer and Vincent Spano’s determined police detective.

But Lords’ sweet yet resolute presence is felt throughout this adventure, as a whole. Meanwhile, the tale’s surprising Sapphic twist, ultimately, helps make it one of this beloved series’ best presentations, as well.

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