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Music to Make Horror Movies By: James Coco

Published April 9, 2017 by biggayhorrorfan

james coco the-chair-1-300x173

Best known for character roles with a decidedly comic intent, the sorely missed James Coco (1930 – 1987) also added some much needed presence to horror films like The Chair and The Stepford Children.

Impressively, he provided his own vocals for the 1972 film version of The Man of La Mancha, as well. His vigor and exquisite comic timing add much to the humor of this take on the show’s well regarded Golden Helmet of Mambrino.

Gone too soon, Coco’s presence here (and elsewhere) proves he definitely will never be forgotten.


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Adrienne Barbeau in Pippin

Published July 31, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Life as a circus act can have various connotations – for the better or worse.

Lately, though, no one is celebrating the joys of an unconventional existence better than the glorious Adrienne Barbeau. Barbeau, known to upscale terror connoisseurs as the eclectic face of such horror efforts as The Fog, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, Two Evil Eyes and so many others, is currently touring the country in the colorfully effective revival tour of Pippin.

The Tony Award winning show follows the adventures of Pippin, a recently graduated scholar, who longs to have a life of importance and meaning. Seemingly performed by a Middle Ages style burlesque troupe, this traveling production features a bevy of professional circus performers in its cast, who all add breathtaking flair to the proceedings and who help make Barbeau’s main musical number a truly memorable one.

After his first disheartening attempt at transcendence, via his participation as a soldier in one of his king father’s wars, Pippin (a sweetly bumbling Sam Lips) goes to visit his grandmother, Berthe (Barbeau), for encouragement. As played by Barbeau, Berthe is saucy, but tender and she, fully and lovingly, connects with Lips’ bedraggled wanderer. With vibrant voice, Barbeau, also, brings playful and subtle force to Berthe’s creed and grand advice to Pippin, No Time at All.

Skillfully engaging with the audience throughout the song, which encourages everyone to live as though there were no tomorrow (because, indeed, there may be no tomorrow), Barbeau eventually truly amazes with some daring, high wire feats.

Ascending on a swing, center stage, Berthe/Barbeau flips around and under the floating apparatus with the aid of a flexible, bare chested fellow performer. It is simply a wonder to behold and proof positive that anything is possible if one puts a mind to it.

Most importantly, though, Barbeau, who began her career on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof and the original production of Grease, seems to be having an amazing time reconnecting with her roots. Pippin, which radiates with a darkly magical flair, also, seems to be a return of sorts to her work as Ruthie in Carnivale, one of her favored roles. These circumstances add up to make her the delicious heart of the production.

The Pippin touring schedule is available at

Barbeau, meanwhile, is reachable at and

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Sexy Witch, Dark Side of the Moon!

Published June 24, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Acting like a witch isn’t always a bad thing – especially when you are talking about Charlie Irving and Aaron Cammack, the two versatile performers playing seductive witches in New American Folk Theatre’s Dark of the Moon. I, recently, had the chance to talk with this fabulously talented duo and I am still feeling beguiled and fascinatingly charmed!

Dark of the Moon runs until June 29th, 2014 at the Den Theatre in Chicago. More information is available at

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