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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Nichelle Nichols

Published October 4, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

The physical materialization of an iconic figure, Nichelle Nichols will forever reign over all spatial frequencies with a Vogue cover coolness and a steely strength of purpose. Sacrificing her musical theater ambitions to continue giving the Black community a powerful presence on ’60s network television via her work on the original Star Trek television series, she eventually made it to the recording studios, giving some standards (and an original or two) a sassy makeover.

Thankfully for horror fans, she also brought a commanding energy to the ‘80s offering The Supernaturals, as well. As Sgt. Leona Hawkins, Nichols mixes toughness with compassion – traits that are especially useful when a group of undead confederate soldiers begin to pick off her charges. Why don’t you do right, indeed!!!

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Hopelessly Devoted To: LaWanda Page

Published July 24, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

LaWanda Page Main

Best known for fully bringing Aunt Esther’s opposition-style antics towards Redd Foxx’s opinionated Fred Sanford on the classic sitcom Sanford and Son to full bloom, the irreplaceable LaWanda Page was also a highly regarded comedienne with material that was a little bluer than mainstream ‘70s television audiences might have expected.


Terror fans, meanwhile, are sure to remember Page’s hysterically accurate response to some supernatural shenanigans in the ‘80s cult classic Mausoleum. While the exaggerated tone here may suggest something akin to the less than PC characterizations of Eddie “Rochester” Anderson and others, Page always maintains her control and, by the film’s end, her character seems like one of the smarter ones when it comes to dealing with the film’s bloody antics.


Page, who died at the age of 82 in 2002, also made appearances in such favorites as Friday, The Meteor Man and Shakes, the Clown earning her a much deserved and devoted following that continues to this day.

LaWanda Page Shakes

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LaWanda Page Mausoleum

Music to Make Horror Movies By: Syreeta

Published March 1, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan


Known for the celestial soar of her range, the singular Syreeta (Wright) was often regarded in terms of her associations with other musicians. She was briefly married to Stevie Wonder, who produced her second album, and her work with Billy Preston resulted in her best known recording, With You I’m Born Again. But she was much more than a muse to great men, often writing her own material and holding her own in the often unscrupulous dealings of the entertainment industry. Happy

Horror fans, meanwhile, are in eternal thrall of her distinctive vocals from the theme of Happy Birthday to Me. Wright, chillingly, captures the haunting dynamics of this classic slasher with her presentation here, proving that the best singers are often the best actors, as well.

Further adding to her appeal, her (out of print) 1983 album The Spell contained fun elements of pop, new wave and funk.

Dying from complications from cancer at far too young an age, Syreeta is rightfully held in high regard not only by lovers of the Motown Sound, but by appreciative music lovers of all varieties.

Syreeta 2

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Tammy Wynette

Published January 19, 2020 by biggayhorrorfan

Tammy Wynette How often does this happen? One of the best known country songs of all time is featured in one of the more obscure horror projects of the ‘80s. Tammy Wynette’s iconic Stand By Your Man found its way into bizarre New Zealand blood fest Death Warmed Up, via a pretty cover version by the singularly titled Suzanne.

The legendary Wynette, who co-wrote this much recorded number with Billy Sherrill, always bucked the norm, though. Her final studio album featured duets with Sting and Elton John and she embraced the electronic age by performing Justified and Ancient with British music mavericks The KLF. The equally stellar Emmylou Harris also collaborated with her by offering up piercingly beautiful background vocals on the single Beneath A Painted Sky.

The health plagued Wynette, who passed away at 55 in 1998, is lovingly remembered at www.tammywynette.com. Known as the “First Lady of Country Music,” she was the winner of multiple Grammy Awards and has been, rightfully, inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Death Warmed Up.jpg

Death Warmed Up, meanwhile, just received a nice, multi-feature reissue from Severin Films. To witness how Tammy’s country charms mingle with the film’s punked out New Wave vibes visit http://www.severin-films.com. 

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Evelyn “Champagne” King

Published February 19, 2017 by biggayhorrorfan


She was the Queen of Shame, due to her propulsive disco hit of the same name, but the glorious Evelyn “Champagne” King also deserves credit for being a seminal horror movie soundtrack diva. Her seductive Give It Up highlighted the dance floor seduction scene between Chris Sarandon’s commanding Jerry Dandridge and Amanda Bearse’s awkward Amy Peterson in 1985’s beloved Fright Night.


Currently, King, who had multiple R&B and dance club hits throughout the prime of her career, is still showing the world that there will always be a “love comedown” at https://www.facebook.com/evelynchampagnekingfanpage/.

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Stay Out of the Woods

Published September 21, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


While many terror fans have been focusing on the forest dwelling scares of Blair Witch of late, true connoisseurs of cheesy ‘80s grue have been, eagerly, keeping their eyes on Stay Out of the Woods, the indie horror sequel to the cult classic slasher, Don’t Go in the Woods…Alone.

Working closely with James Bryan, the director of the original, writer-director Henry Frias Leon promises lots of zaniness and gore in this what if/parody.

To reserve a bloody tent and killer sleeping bag of your own, be sure to follow the film’s progress at https://www.facebook.com/Stayoutofthewoodsmovie/.


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Felissa Rose!

Published December 4, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

felissa scream
Now, here’s a grand reveal for ya! I recently caught up with genre icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Slaughter Party, the Caesar and Otto series) and we chatted about her love for horror and her many upcoming projects.

There’s lots of loving, laughing and a little bit of singing on display here, so definitely check it out!

When you’re through, remember to check out http://www.felissarose.com, as well!

Thanks, as always, to talented designer Chris MacGibbon for creating that super awesome BGHF logo!

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Doug McKeown’s ZADD!

Published November 8, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan



Sticky rivers of beer and pop; ghoulish make-up; excited horror fans getting to work with the genius mind behind one of the 80s most beloved creature flicks. You don’t come across those ingredients everyday – so when it comes along, you jump on that spongy beast with enthusiasm!
BGHF, Wendi and Chad

BGHF, Wendi and Chad

Indeed, after twenty some years away from the horror film making field, Douglas McKeown, director of the chewy, beloved Deadly Spawn, set upon Chicago this October, with a cinematic vengeance. In a matter of days, he and a bevy of local talent (including amazing DP and film editor Jayme Joyce) created a fun, short terror film (ZADD) with a pertinent social message attached to boot!

Jayme: capturing magic

Jayme: capturing magic

Eager participants (including artist Mitch O’Connell and his infant son, Double Page Spread’s Wendi Freeman, Chateau Grrr’s Chad Hawks and myself) gathered at the historic Portage Theater, one Thursday, for an afternoon of intense mayhem. We were all playing ghouls who had been run over by an extremely dangerous drunk driver. Once some minimal grey face make-up was applied (often by McKeown himself), we lumbered into the theater. Soon we were all hovering behind the seats in the theaters, trying to ignore the calcified remains of beverages that had dried on the floors and were now sticking to our hands. After appropriately scaring our murderer, an action that McKeown directed with knowing insistence and humor, we washed our deadliness off in the theater’s tiny sink and soon adjourned to a local parking lot. There, we enacted our death scenarios. Let’s just say, anyone who ever had a fantasy involving James Brolin and 70s cult masterpiece The Car slept soundly that night.ZADD car

After a day and a half of consistent editing and some voiceover magic, ZADD premiered at The Massacre 2014 on Saturday, October 18th, before a rare screening of Deadly Spawn. With a solid premise, a surprise cameo appearance from Ari Lehman from Friday the 13th and a ghoulish sense of 50s monster movie dread, this little flick proves that McKeown hasn’t lost any movie making magic.

McKeown & ZADD Cast

McKeown & ZADD Cast

Be sure to keep up with McKeown at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Deadly-Spawns-director-Douglas-McKeown and, while you’re at it, urge him to procure an online release for ZADD as soon as possible.

McKeown & BGHF

McKeown & BGHF

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