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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Suzanne Somers

Published July 8, 2018 by biggayhorrorfan

Suzanne Ants!

Nothing quite stings like the heartbreak caused by romantic rejection. Well…except for maybe the bites of hundreds of extremely poisonous ants. Indeed, the radiant Suzanne Somers suffered, gamely (and glamorously), at the machinations of these insistent creatures in the classic made for television animals-gone-wild horror fest known as It Happened at Lakewood Manor (AKA Ants!) .

Of course, if Somers had only shown those vicious creatures “a new attitude” – as she did a few years later on a fun television special – the fate of her character may have been a bit different.

Somers, a true Renaissance woman who was also Seduced by Evil and made a deal with Lucifer in Devil’s Food, is always showing the wisdom of her ways at, as well.

seduced by evil

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

Music to Make Horror Movies By: Stacy Lattisaw

Published April 1, 2018 by biggayhorrorfan


A mother’s quest for vengeance strikes at the heart of the much ridiculed Jaws: The Revenge. I, for one, have always taken this goofy showcase for the determined talents of Lorraine Gary as a fun, feminist uprising and Stacy Lattisaw’s song Nail it to the Wall, featured on the film’s soundtrack, definitely reflects the power of a woman at her fullest strength.

Lattisaw, who enjoyed a number of bouncy, beloved hits throughout the ‘80s, is still performing in a spiritualistic capacity and can be visited at

lorraine gary jaws.jpg

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(Bad) CGI Friday’s: Deadly Swarm (2003)

Published June 6, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

deadly swarm
I thought the buzzing of the gossips at Mary’s Delicatessen and Wine Shaft was bad…until I heard the overpowering hum of the (very fake) killer wasps of 2003 animals-gone-wild opus Deadly Swarm.

swarm explodingUnleashed by a demented scientist in a small Guatemalan village, these miniature beasts are soon attacking local conspiracy theorists, decorated officials and humbled drug couriers. But these unreal pests are good for something. They bring true meaning to the small town’s Day of the Dead celebration, and in a moment of (perhaps misguided bravery), they save a young lass from sexual assault. Yep! Leave the mace. Bring the wasps!swarm shane

Of course, handsome Shane Brolly (the Underworld series) as a distinguished entomologist and beloved character actor Pepe Serna as a concerned lawman, just have to try to stop these destructive beauties in all their glory! But until they do, the Jaws plotline parallels (“We can’t stop this festival! Think of all the $ we’ll lose”) and multiple moments of frightened victims shooting into the massive swarm (Did they really think that would help??) make this one altogether stinging morsel!

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